Friday, October 30, 2020

"You've Got a Good Heart, GG!"

 Benny watched me check Dad's oxygen and pulse. Then he asked to do it. He put the pulse/ox on Dad's finger and then seriously pronounced, "You've got a good heart, GG." 

I agree, Benny, I agree. Before Benny arrived, there were waffles for breakfast, a bit of exercise, and a nap. There was also a Japanese lesson - the sun no longer shines at 0800. 

Love ya, Kim. 

Michael spent the day playing taxi driver. He took Alex to work at 0445. He took Stacia to work at noon. He picked Alex up at 2 and Stacia at 3. 

Back at home...Benny and Arielle came to visit. Nolan was home and was talked into a bit of "winter" play. 

Me thinks it works better the other way around, Benny. 

Benny and Arielle brought their lunch. I woke up GG and he, Mike and I joined Benny and Arielle  for lunch. Benny was impressed with the snowman in the paper....
Though I think our little guy has much more character. 

Dad had both physical and occupational therapy today. We may have figured out why he collapses in the bathroom.... He always takes the oxygen off before going in there. We will play with it a bit and see if that takes care of the problem.  Dad wasn't totally happy to have therapists this afternoon - but the hard work will pay off. 

Stacia got home and Millie had EXCESS energy to that pup can RUN. She wasn't sure she WANTED to come back inside, but Stacia finally got her back inside by picking up a big snowball to throw. Millie came to tackle her, Stacia grabbed the leash, and the rest is history. 

Queen of the Yard

One lone sugar cookie left....and there is nothing healthy-ish about it at all. ::snort::