Friday, July 05, 2019

Gardening, Flinging, Gifting

Early this morning I headed to the garden to plant my corn seedlings. The birds, or something, had a hey-dey with the first batch. Of the 160 planted - 11 germinated.  I started these inside to get a jump start on the now even shorter growing season. The variety needs 60 days to mature. I started them well before that mark...AND we have longer days than most. Here's hoping.

Check it out! Plant corn; reap mushrooms.

This young man decided to go out in 80*+ weather to wrestle with devils club. Yowzers. Alaska gardening sometimes requires a  machete. Often times, if you live in our section of the borough.

I came inside and cleaned up in time to go to town for Friday Fling with Stacia and Krista. We met up with BreZaak. I discovered a food truck with Philippino food.  Yum...the food of my youth. I had veggie lumpia and pancit. I plan to take dad next Friday to enjoy some sun and food.

BreZaak and kids - Photo by Krista 

LOVE FOOD TRUCKS - and SHADE.  Photo by Krista 

Such a sweetie!  Photo by Krista 

Little Lady!  Photo by Krista 

 Photo by Krista 

 Photo by Krista 

Michael was working on sermon prep when we got home. Stacia  played a game with the boys.

Krista took G Dog (Dad) to town to enjoy some coffee and to buy a newspaper. While he enjoyed the outing, she went to the DMV and got new plates for her car, a new license...that sort of thing.

Stacia found this cute Bennett Lee Bear at a local thrift store. I washed it, Fabreezed it, washed it's clothes, and today she gave it to Benny. He loved it. He may have named it "puppy," but we're pretty sure it needs to be named Bennett Lee Bear.

We ended the evening with a couple of rousing rounds of Farkle. I really can't tell you who won.

Bella Models Alaskan Fashion

Fashion varies in different parts of America. In Alaska, XTRATUF boots are always in style....Bella models appropriate Alaskan summer wear....and proves she's adapted well to her new home state. 

Swimsuit and boots - makes perfect sense. PHonto by Bre. 
I'll have to get a shot of my XTRATUF boots....they can be worn down (my favorite) or up (right). Michael says there is no point to HAVING XTRATUF boots if one is going to roll the cuff down. I disagree. 
Via google photos