Friday, December 16, 2011

Gherkins in Transit

It had to happen. It's o.k. Hard but good! Time for us all to get back to our "normal" lives. I woke up with Day 4 of a migraine. Michael took the kids bowling, to see our old home, for lunch and I slept....then we all went to Chick Fil A to catch the boys....and everyone had shakes (except me - still didn't feel like eating).

We made it to the airport. They were incredibly helpful and fun. The TSA men had a lot of fun with Zander....state your full name "Alexander  the GREAT Gherkin."  He had tried to hide a water bottle and that made for some extra teasing...he handled it well.

In San Angelo they treated us like royalty...."Gherkin (not our actual name) family of 5 please report to the desk"....and they boarded us first. They even moved seats around and got us all in one row on the flight from DFW to SEA TAC.....funny thing happened THERE....I was dealing with security when the ticket agent ran up with new boarding passes and seats for us.  I boarded the plane in Dallas. A young airman came for the same seat...checked the passes and we didn't have one for ZANDER....we had one for this airman.  They worked it out - I offered to let them bring Zander on the next flight. ::snort::

The older three kept busy with books and Monopoly....

Stacia's first nap....
 We'd not even gotten over Lake Nasworthy and she was saying, "Is that Dallas, are we there yet? I think that's Dallas." I was glad when she fell asleep on this flight from DFW to SEA TAC.

Sleep had more appeal than games
 We've marked oursleves present. We visited the USO and dropped our big bags. We grabbed sandwhich and cookies from the USO. There is not even one seat left there...and I really don't like the movie we made a home near the baggage claims. I'll update the blog, synch ipads, ipods and laptop....try to stay awake for 4 more hours to see if we can make the 0800 flight to Misawa.

Bre and Krista are safely home. Michael and Jared will fly commercially to Misawa tomorrow. If all works as planned the younger set and I should arrive about 8 hours before them....We hope to have an 10 hour layover here....but it may become 58 hours. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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