Monday, August 06, 2007

CINDY - in regards to your comment on the Freezer Challenge....

Please talk your freezer friends into making ME some meals!!! We can put them on dry ice and mail them here...wala...freezer filled...I'll go to the pool!

Let me know if this will work! ::snort::
Freezer Dreaming

Well - I suspect that my hoarded freezer money will instead pay for 6 more months of insurance...well REALLY it will pay for another extended family thing that has come up and the insurance money will pay for insurance. Ah well - it's defrosted...maybe in another 6 months I'll have freezer money again. ::snort::

I am glad I looked, and I'm glad you all shared your opinions - thanks.

I tried to find an "m" word that would work....ah well.

Quote of the Day: "Mine, HELP! Mine!" Stacia states, as she puts on several pairs boys' underwear and a bra....she has decided to quit wearing diapers today. THIS is the help she offers with laundry.
Curves....and my wrists hurt.

My goal this week is to get my pantry/freezer ready for the upcoming school year. I should also pay bills, work on Jamin's portfolio, order curriculum, and something else that I can't remember.

I got a group Shop Natural order together and FINALLY sent. We are ordering every two months now, so there was a bit of a learning curve. I still need to figure out how I'm going to divide the shipping cost. I had added 10% to each order but our group order is over $2,500 and we don't need THAT much for shipping. LOL

I pulled out all the 7 gal buckets of grain from the pantry, consolidated, vacuumed, cleaned shelves, and put it all back together. This didn't help my wrists.

We got a call from Tricia inviting us to go to the pool...but I said, "no"! ACK - can you believe it? I said no to fun, so that I could work!!!! I felt bad all day for not going to the pool......but then good about the progress made on our projects. I called Tricia late in the afternoon and she understood. I really couldn't go as I was in the middle of defrosting the beast and had food in the coolers in the heat....

The first place to begin with the freezers was to DEFROST the BEAST and to clean the other two out. Before:

All the food was loaded into coolers....

We made a list of what we have. I organized the upright as best as I could.

We decided to use the fridge/freezer in the garage for frozen smoothie fruit, bread, nuts and such. LOOK what I found in the freezer....can you read the box on the bottom left, Liz? Other than the chocolate, this is our crunchy fridge. Jamin baked bread. I now have 6 loaves in the freezer.....and another 4 will be ready to go in by bedtime. There will be 7 loaves of 7 grain and 3 loaves of Italian.....

I froze two flats of strawberries and they are in the freezer of the newly cleaned and organized "crunchy fridge". This fridges holds our milk and produce. LOL

We ate something for dinner. Mike didn't get home until well after 8:00. I'm trying to get Stacia down and waiting for Cy to get home from work.