Friday, June 07, 2019

Fantastic Friday

For a stymied extrovert like myself (living out here where folks keep to themselves) today was amazing. My love tank is filled.

This morning found me enjoying a big mug of chai at the Hometown Deli with a friend I'd not seen since the end of February. It was delightful to catch up. I did not take a photo - though I THOUGHT of doing so.  I shared earlier this week my summer rhythm has been to meet a friend in the morning and spend the afternoon working outside.

Not today! I came home to grab a bite to eat and pick up Stacia. Izaak dropped by and helped Michael and Alex in the garden for a couple of hours! We are blessed.

Michael harvested yet more gravel. 😏

Alex cut down the brush so the rototiller could handle it. 

We had a bit of time before we needed to leave. I took down the chicken fencing, folded tarps, and removed debris from the garden plot. Stuff  like this giant ball of rope left over from the spot's use as a horse pasture.

Before we knew it, it was time for Stacia and I to venture downtown.  Our women's ministry is hosting a few small groups this summer...Super Moms (Park Play dates, Zoo trip), In Step (walking group), and Gather Around Town (various fun things together in the area). Today was our first gathering around town. We explored Colony Days/Friday Fling.   Each time we gather we learn more about each other. For instance; Siakayle really IS a super mom, Brenda and I are meandering window shoppers, Rose likes tart lemonade, and Jacque has a link for ANY info one may need at her fingertips! It was a fun afternoon. The weather was beautiful. I couldn't help but think we were "moving naturally," "downshifting,"  and participating in a "community of faith," all at the same time! This healthy lifestyle is a great one.

Before the end of next week, we will endeavor to have a home for these chicks in the chicken yard. They have taken to waiting at the garage door....

C'mon Phoenix GROW. We are just waiting for him to be big enough to hold his own with the mean matrons in the chicken yard before we attempt to integrate the flocks. He's started squawking like a duck. I'm sure he's trying to crow. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Phoenix and seven of his girls

 Helen Petunia - our lame chick

Look at all the progress the guys made! Lucille is happy to be inside the far she isn't eating any of the plants. AM I going to keep her out? The electric fence is operational - but it isn't going to keep Lucille out. 

After dinner we set up Dad's summer room. We moved the table from this spot to under Stacia's bed. I was a bit alarmed when the mattress was so SKINNY - but it plumped up. 

Just waiting for Dad. 

Stacia usually has 2 bean bag chairs and the cubes seen on the right under her bed. It's a cute seating area. We thought G'pa would like somewhere for his suitcase instead. 

At this point the chairs are in the living room - a few extra seats will come in handy. I DID have trouble getting OUT of the chair once I got down. Stacia doesn't have this problem. It must be the yoga she does. 😊 Stacia is moving to the library nook until Krista arrives. They will spend the rest of the summer in the RV - until CoRielle move to their new home.

Did I let something out of the bag? CoRille put an offer on a home just 5 minutes from here. It was accepted. They'll have great neighbors - BreZaak! God is so fun. The home will close mid-August. It's a fixer upper  - not sure when they'll have it ready to move in. Exciting times around here.

The guys are out hunting for shoes they can wear with their chest waders. They are going to take a bit of time off tomorrow.