Friday, May 09, 2014

One S'more At A Time

Stacia loves helping me put together gifts for this and that.....This was a great week for her...Salsa and chips for staff and S'mores in a jar for the outgoing PWOC board.
This girl has begged for S'mores every day this week - maybe tonight
After a hectic year of service my prayer is for these ladies who have served all year,  are that they are able to breathe - to LIVE LIFE FULLY in the moments this summer....and so this project caught my heart and eye...and Stacia LOVES s'mores and asks for them daily. This was the winning pinterest idea! ::snort::

I was supposed to put it all in a wide mouth jar.  I had a lunch meeting to discuss Children's ministry 15 mins in the opposite direction from Walmart. I stopped at Dollar General and phoned home. Arielle took a baggy of crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and assured me they would fit in a summer cup.......

Our cups were evidently a bit bigger than the ones I purchased at Dollar General....I had to go from 6 - 3 mallows; and then I wrapped them which I don't think was a good idea...then I scrunched them all into the cups and prayed they didn't spring out like those snakes on springs when opened.

I was pretty proud of thinking to go search for free summer fonts to make the little card...and the flip flops have a teeny tiny PWOC logo on them - thanks to Lauren and The Hub.  The card says "This summer live life fully one s'smore (or two) at a time."  I loved the fact that the author suggested GLUE DOTS to attach the card. YES - no more ribbons or rubber bands for attaching cards. Shoot - I may become crafty if I'm not careful. Nah.

Yes, I know chapel staff are getting a collection of jars - but they are cheaper than these other things...and you know we ARE a Ramsey family. I think I am open to recycling your jars if you'd like to send them back to be refilled another month. LOL I have a zillion "gifts in a jar" ideas. LOL 

Even though the cups were squishy - I do really like them better than the jars for the summer feel of the gift. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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