Friday, December 09, 2016

TG (Really) IF - #WYFF


We enjoyed a lazy start of the day. The kids did  school.

We had planned to take cookies to the Grandparents, but "somehow" all but the dozen I'd packaged were eaten during our movie watching last night. Moral of the story - NEVER leave unpackaged cookies on the RV table when the lights go out. 😏😊

Michael and I entered a zillion receipts into our expense tracker and I began the chore of balancing our account. We've been flying by the seat of our pants during all the traveling in November and December.  In the midst of this we realized we'd not cancelled our Internet down in Crescent City. During the call, I realized we had a router we needed to return.

We ran to a post office in Eugene. OH. LINES.....mailed the package and picked up a change of address/forward mail  form for Mom G. Our next stop was much more enjoyable, we visited Mom G. We delivered cookies, talked Japanese and Bible verses, got her signature on the postal form and played with Rebecca's dog, Sherlock. A cat or two teased us - but no contact -  yet.

Our next stop was another post office - quick drive through to drop off the form - and then Target to return an item. WOW - their customer service was great - in and out.

We drove to the other side of town to visit my parents. Dad and Michael headed off to return a part to Walmart and to pick up Papa Murphy's. Turns out the line was out the wazoo at Walmart and it didn't seem worth the wait for a $4 part. πŸ˜€

Stacia won at Farkle....I seem to do much better in my sleep.  I picked up a migraine, so we called it an early night and I came home to sleep.

Michael repaired the drain and shower head in the RV and he and the kids played some Gin Rummy and Farkle. I slept.

Tomorrow, we move up I5 to another spot for the upcoming week. We're only allowed 14 days a month at this park.  This park is the very closest to the VA clinic (which matters to us), but there HAVE been quite a few odd things going on and I think we'll all sleep better in a new spot. 😌

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