Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not the Way It Should Be

 It is not a good thing.....
to see this in the back of your car. ::snort::


Stacia curled up in a produce crate and told us she was "reading".

The Great Motivator......The Caboose

Yes, Mike brought The Caboose home. Stacia led me out to see it. She showed me "Mommy, Daddy's bed", then checked a cupboard and said, "Jest a minute, I need git my diapers!" She now has 4 diapers safely loaded in The Caboose.

Zander came in and said, "I'm going to my lover - no, wait a minute. I'm staying here and going camping." I think that is progress.

We got our taxes sent again....maybe this time will work. I've been working on our United order. I'm learning so much about Excel. This is a good thing...and having Heather for IT Support is a great thing. ::snort::

I made a couple kinds of salad dressings, dinner, and now I'm running down. I'm still not sleeping well with my cough.

Mike is back at the office "tying up loose ends," and we'll pack in the a.m. We've decided not to be gone as long as expected, but it will be a nice break. I received a new review copy of a book in the mail - not for a blog tour but for me to read, enjoy and review......maybe I'll go read. LOL