Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 29 - Hardin to FT Collins, CO
13 July 2007

Motorcycle Lotto:
Jamin is the winner of the day.

Quote of the Day: “These mosquitoes will suck all your blood and then you will die.” There seems to be a new preoccupation with travel dangers (see last night’s quote).

These trips are ALWAYS so hard. We have so many family and friends we’d like to stop and visit. BUT if you take too many 25 mile/100 mile side trips…well….as it is we are booking and blessed that we can see as many friends/family as we have. We are so thankful to all of you who have graciously interrupted your days and met us at BK’s and McD’s off the fwy. ::snort::

We’ve remembered today that Eastern MT and Western WY aren’t really spectacularly beautiful. LOL The last few days have spoiled us with tall mountains, rolling farmland and such.
We’ve arrived at FT Collins. We drove most the day. I mentioned in the comments that we really ARE making good time. We slow down on mountains. We are stopping for gas MUCH more often 150-200 miles and that slows us down….and we are not driving 75 mph - which is the speed limit out here. However, Mike has been going 65 - 70 with it…..and we have a long rig. LOL So - we used to be able to drive from Co Springs to our home in one day but not with the trailer. We are taking this trip by ear….going as far as we can and stopping. I don’t think we’ll make it home tomorrow….who knows?

We’re at KOA again - a nice one. I love the sound of the wind in the Aspens. This is another less crowded park. There are even HORSES outside the fence - much to Stacia’s delight. We’re in the middle of nowhere - not really in Ft Collins but some little town outside of it…..but it doesn’t look like a town….more like a community of ranches and KOA. LOL Anyway, I made dinner. This took creativity but was fun. The neighbors came over and said they are leaving tomorrow and gave us a couple of bags of food. I pulled together a really respectable soup, salad, mac/cheese, garlic toast etc. LOL Mike took the kids swimming while I cooked. I’ll take them to the playground while he runs with the older boys. That’s about it and we hope to hit the road by 5 a.m. I think I heard…..not sure when that will put us into Colorado Springs but I’ll email Lynn and Kristine tonight…..

Hardin, MT

Gas in Buffalo, WY

Casper, WYHelping Dad

Cheyenne, WY