Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Playing with The Boys

Little Buddy* spent the weekend with CoRielle. I cracked up when Danny promptly displayed the tricks Little Buddy had taught him. He pulled the toy stool over to the counter and got into the toaster. Previously, Danny had not discovered he could reach light switches, dead bolts and kitchen appliances by simply dragging the stool to the appropriate place and climbing. It didn't take long for him to catch on. 

I believe Little Buddy is 3 weeks older than Danny. It's going to be fun to watch them grow up.  Danny was happy to cuddle and read books today...until Benny was attacked by a giant dinosaur. 

This game involved a giant dino eating his face, while he beat it off...and then he and I running while yelling all manner of attack things from one end of the house to the other. What else can you do when it's yucky outside? 

After the first couple of rounds of this rousing game, Danny opted to play a more sedate game. 

Arielle and I brainstormed how we will ease Little Buddy into the Tuesday morning routine. The church will give her leeway during the transition to miss staff meetings. The first few weeks I (and possibly Stacia) will go over and play with them while Arielle stays home. Then we'll try a few quick exits where she is gone 15 - 20 minutes and comes home. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for Little Buddy, CoRielle and the boys as they step into this season. 

Little Buddy is the online name we will use for C until his adoption is final. 

Stacia is 17!

 Stacia turns 17 years old today. 

Take just a minute and contemplate that fact. Our BABY turns 17 years old today. This blog was started to document her growing up because the older two left home 2 weeks after she was born. She's all grown up now and maybe it's time to quit the blog. LOL 

(Stacia has just informed me when she goes to Japan the blog will be an easy way for her to keep up with the siblings and watch the grands grow up. I may be doing this when I am 83.)

17 years. 

We had a friend's party on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday will be our August Family Celebration - Stacia's Birthday, CyRi's Anniversary and Little Buddy's* introduction to our extended family circle.

Michael mentioned we needed a household party - and the only day when we can hope to have everyone home at the same time is Thursday afternoon...so gifts and a lunch/dinner out will be Thursday. This is how a simple birthday stretches into a weeklong celebration in Gherkinville. ::snort:: 

We discussed what Stacia would like to do today. She wanted to play games with the family. Early this morning I sat out the traditional birthday chair covers and pig hat. I also stacked games on the corner of the table. I knew I would be gone when she woke up, but she'd know I was thinking of her on her birthday. 

The girls got up and played This That and Everything. I made it back from town with a few fun things. 

Birthday balloon, US treats & flowers

Little did I know Stacia had never had a big, swirly lollipop. She was thrilled. We were amused - sort of like when she tried bacon for the first time when she was 10. 

Everyone left to take Allie to work and to vote. When Nolan, Stacia and Michael got home, we played Forbidden Island. We managed to get off the island in both rounds. 

Michael went out to take care of chickens....and Stacia, Nolan and I pulled together rice, stir fry and sesame chicken

Continuing the "Give Stacia whatever she wants" theme we watched, "The Road to El Dorado." Wow - that brings back memories of their childhood. LOL 

*Little Buddy is the name I'm going to use for C online until his adoption is final.