Saturday, August 11, 2007

Simply Saturday

The day began with Jared at the local airport for his first Civil Air Patrol flight.
We thought this one was funny....small town TX with a football field in the very center of town. Jared had a blast. He enjoyed getting to fly the plane. I, on the other hand, am always too worried about puking to think about flying. Mike is talking about getting current and flying again. There is a possibility he can join CAP and fly their planes at a discounted rate.

We picked up Jared and headed for the pool. Cy and Jamin didn't have to work until 3:00, it was a rare family day at the pool.
Mike and I ran out and bought "things" and had lunch at Outback. Bre called with her new cell phone number while we were eating. Nicholas got she and Krista verizon phones. I guess they have unlimited weekend and night minutes and can call any other verizon phone for Mom and Dad - email them your phone number and I'm sure they'll send you theirs.
Mike worked on computers. Mike and Jared went running. Beth, one of my dear Sister Friends called. She, her dh, and youngest son (Jared's age?), are winding their way to see us. They are in Blithe, AZ tonight.....I can't tell you how exciting it is to have FRIENDS stop in and see you in a "new" location. None of our new homes really feel like "home" until family and friends stop and visit.

Ummm....I haven't really got a clue....

There seems to be an epidemic of climbing the walls around here