Thursday, March 01, 2007

Boring , Boring Posts Without Pictures....

.....but I'm too busy this week to take pictures.

Today was our "quiet" day. The only thing I had to do was take the boys to House of Faith.

We did couch school. After delivering the boys, I spent the afternoon baking and cooking. I'd put 2 roasts in the oven last night and shredded them to make BBQ sandwiches for tonight....I baked 3 loaves of bread and a dozen hamburger buns, I made some salad dressing, got some strawberries in the freezer for smoothies.....did some laundry, dusted, made March roster for Veggie Sales, finished a Veggie Sales newsletter.....THAT sort of stuff that falls apart when I'm out of the home every day. Oh, thanks to Becky's blog I finally found a GRADUATATION ticker for Josiah and then changed my ticker to reflect Curves goal for me. I'm not sure I've embraced lowering the goal....however there seems to be an ongoing discussion about my height and so I guess I'm not quite as tall as I thought I was.....and an inch does equal 5 lbs. ::snort:: I know when I was 115/120 everyone was asking me if I was anoerixic....I took that to be a clue that it wasn't very appealing weight for me. ::snort:: Not a problem 4 pregnancies later. ::snort::

The one thing I did NOT get done, which was IMPORTANT, was to get the RV stuff off to Darshia...ARGH...tomorrow afternoon I will not go anywhere, nor allow anyone to call me, visit, or ANYTHING until I get that DONE and mailed!

Josiah has a nasty burn from the grill. He was home for dinner tonight - great treat! Mandy and 3 of her children dropped by. Hi, Mandy! She's going to try produce co-op tomorrow by taking 1/2 of one of my shares. We actually are getting through most of our produce these days...Jamin and I are both trying to do the 10 - 12 servings a day...adds up quick. LOL

That's it for tonight...I still need to count $ for co-op tomorrow, finish getting baskets arranged, and get STACIA to go to SLEEP. LOL

She is better again. I'm remembering last year at this time she would get "colds" all the time when we went to the park on windy days. Isn't she young to have allergies? I'm going to watch and see if this happens again the next time we have 50 mph winds.


Stacia slept ALL night. She slept while I went to Curves the first time, slept when I was home and slept until I got back from Curves the second time.

Wait - did I say I was at Curves twice this a.m.? Yeah. I woke up at 4 a.m. I always do this when I have something to be at in the a.m. I got up and studied, had an orange and headed for Curves at 5:25. I discovered on Tues and Thurs they don't open until 7:00! ::snort::

Quick question since many of you seem to be familiar with Curves. Yesterday the trainer said to keep my heart rate between 70 - 8o% of max. Which I kept it at 80%. Today I was doing the same and the owner said I should keep it at 70%....because I'm new to the workout. Someone care to explain to me why I'd want to keep my heart rate at 70%?

Today is our "sanity break" in this busy 4th I'd best get to it and sanitize.