Saturday, March 07, 2015

A Very Full Week

Some weeks are busy and we've had several in a row like this.  I'm starting to realize this may be life until we skid right into retirement. I think I'm o.k. with that if I can find one day to rest a week. ::grin::  We don't often post a long "week in review," but that's  what I'm doing this week.  In addition to this, add in a busy work week for Michael as he still catches up from his weeks off after surgery, sermon prep and workouts.

We left off with Stacia's determination to sell enough lemonade to get us all to Japan.

We finished up our school week and I went to an appointment with my favorite base doctor. He ordered my typical labs: cholesterol, blood glucose and thyroid. He also referred me to a dermatologist to check out some suspicious spots and insists I must have a colonoscopy. It is currently scheduled for next week - but I will not be in town. I'll get it rescheduled.

I capped off the week with some PWOC board chatting time and then some Star Trek episodes at home.

Arielle has been joining Stacia and I for Saturday morning breakfasts. We went to Kim's Country Kitchen in Lincoln this week.  

As always we enjoyed the conversation and the time spent together.

I must admit it's a tad bit alarming to eat with a canoe over your head.

Arielle needed to buy some new sheets and Target was nearby. 

Ah the decisions..... I told her to go with the set that made her smile.  Who cares what room mates may think? She chose Olaf. I'll turn the top sheet into a quilt for her as she prefers not to have a top sheet...sort of a futon type of thing going on.

 When we got home Michael was done with sermon prep and suggested we drive to Roseville and see Paddington - which we did.  Unfortunately, the showing we planned to attend was sold out. We went to the mall - yep - first time we've done that and we've been here 1 1/2 years. LOL  Michael doesn't like shopping.....but the Disney store provided  a fun trip down memory lane.
We remember hunting EVERYWHERE for a Woody for Jamin(23)
Gathering together with the body of Christ is always a blessing. Michael preached on Matthew 14:22-27. His points were Be Obedient, Be Bold, Be Not Afraid and Be Amazed. Powerful.  I think I'm somewhere between the "Be Not Afraid" stage and the "Be Amazed" stage of our particular walk on the water.
It was Zander's turn to choose our Sunday dinner restaurant. He wanted to go to Taste of China. I have no desire to give them any further business after "the incident," but it was Zander's turn. We discussed it and discovered he likes Taste of China for the sweet and sour chicken. So Michael found another Chinese restaurant to try out. 
Full House Chinese in Yuba City - a winner. There were only two women working but they were courteous, the facility was clean and the food was yummy (not over the top yummy but yummy). Next time we'll order family style as we discovered when Zander wants "Sweet and Sour Chicken" he wants CHICKEN....not the rice, egg rolls etc.... I mentioned that I'd like to order just veggies and she created this for me.  I could only eat 1/2 of it. MINE was over the top yummy.
Veggie Delight
We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening resting.
Lots of school.
I had my fasting labs and then put the PWOC trainer hat on and trained this year's PWOC Leadership Selection Team. A team of five great women committed to praying for God to reveal leaders for next year's ministry here at BEALE AFB PWOC. 
Stroller parking for training
Japanese lessons are a highlight of Mondays.
I was hugely blessed when the pharmacy had BOTH my meds ready and I didn't have to make two 30 minute trips to base to get them!!!!
We did mega amounts of school!
We got the news that Prince King had made his arrival in Germany! We do miss Josh and Christine.
Daniel John
 Jamin made a trip to Texas A & M and was interviewed for a program in National Security and Diplomacy.
I finished the day discussing Daniel 9 with some sweet gals.
Our Retreat Logo
Stacia came down with the flu. This changed our Wed routine. Zander stayed home with her. Nolan, Arielle and I went to PWOC.
After PWOC the older two watched kids and I attended a Retreat team meeting. It's going to be good.
Stacia was still sick - so Zander got some school done and stayed with her.
Us older 3, headed for M&Ms (Moms and Mentors). We finished discussing Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson.  This group is growing and we are praying for older moms who are willing to join and invest in the group. I've committed to leading until retirement.  We had nine moms today - plus quite a few children - and we'll be starting Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood at the end of this month. The group determined to meet twice weekly through the spring/summer.
I decided to make sugarless chocolate chips - so I could make sugarless, gluten free cookies on
Friday. LOL

Stacia felt better today but we told her she had to fever free for 24 hours before she could go out.  Arielle stayed home with her and the rest of us went to see a 7 p.m. showing of The Dropbox.

Stacia came down this morning with a tooth that needed pulling. I've had nine children - I just don't pull teeth. Michael does.....HOWEVER.....ZANDER has become the official puller of teeth in our family. We're starting to wonder if he'll have a career in dentistry. Stranger things have happened.
Both are happy with this arrangement - and I figure $3 for 3 tooth extractions is a STEAL of a DEAL!
National Prayer Luncheon  at 11:30.
Quick trip to the commissary and getting goodies ready for Bunco.
Friday night was the first Beale PWOC/Chapel Bunco night. We had a blast. Everyone was welcome....women, men, singles, youth, spouses.....We called it a Mustache Bunco Bash.

Stacia was thrilled to be allowed out of the house
Arielle babysat for a couple of families last night. We had 18 attending - that's a great start. There is talk of making a chapel bunco night a monthly event...not necessarily sponsored by PWOC. I always think back to Wayne and Cherri and the wonderful monthly bunco nights they hosted in their home for couples from First Church in Portland. We've seen this usually grows as more become aware of the easy fun.....great way to get to know a lot of folks quickly.  AND you don't have to answer those "ice breaker" questions which can be uncomfortable for the majority of us. LOL
We're back at Saturday!  Arielle was up coughing all night. I woke up at 0400 and couldn't get back to sleep. We were both downstairs early. Around 7:45 Stacia came staggering in with an offended look on her face. She woke up and thought we'd gone out to breakfast without her. I assured her THAT will not happen. She was the original partner in the early Saturday adventures - we can't leave her.  We decided to eat breakfast here and sit enjoy the backyard onsen instead of going out. We're all tired.
Next week looks really busy too. The following week is busy but a bit less. I think the week of  22 March will be back to normal....maybe. 
We guessed, given the low manning at this assignment,  we'd be running up until retirement.....and we're going to love those months in the trailer. LOL
Note: Stacia doesn't wear her green shirt ALL the time - she does put it on every time I pull it out of the dryer.