Friday, April 21, 2017

#WYFF - School.....

It's #WYFF - and I'm relieved. 

We spent the day pushing to reach our weekly goals. We are now set to take 3 weeks off and be on track when we return! It's been difficult to stay on track with all of the unexpected happenings this year. We had hoped to be all done by the end of May. We won't be. HOWEVER, we are in our last quarter and I count that as a modern day miracle given all the challenges this year. 

Michael got home this evening. It's nice to be together under one roof. 

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The Discontent of Gingerbread Man

"Move into the RV with us Gingerbread Man," she said.

"It's an adventure,"  she said.

Then we moved to an RV park....and I spend my days it rains....

....and rains...

 ...and rains!

To think, I could be in Mexico now with Krista.

The winning Girls team of the 2016 Gingerbread Competition is hosting Gingerbread Man this year. He seems a bit discontent with his adventures at this point.