Sunday, November 06, 2022

A Blessed Sunday

 It was a blessed Sunday! A busy Sunday, a great Sunday. Allie, Stacia and I were all able to share a bit about various happenings in our lives, we watched friends and loved ones take the step of baptism, we enjoyed lunch with Jamin, raced Allie to work and then received a surprise winter survival package....great Sunday. 

The biggest blessing of the day was witnessing our son in law baptize our granddaughter! Bella has wanted to do this for some time and BreZaak let her do it today. 

This afternoon the doorbell rang...I went out and there was a package on the doorstep. I thought it might be the tea I'd ordered...but it didn't look right. I became more perplexed as I examined it. Michael, Stacia and I gathered around. We thought it had to be someone who knew us well, but we didn't recognize the writing on the card. 

Look at this loot! Even a cheeseball and wheat thins! Luke, Krista and Kids dropped it on our door, rang the bell and ran. The card encouraged us to "Keep Calm and Winter On." I love this idea!