Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the VA

We drove out to the Valley to visit the Matsu VA CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic). A funny thing happened on the way to the VA.....

Michael saw this truck's tire blow. He didn't realize it. He kept driving, even though I was hanging out the window, pointing at his tires. Michael pulled ahead of him, flashing lights and then pulled off. He pulled off and Michael let him know what he saw. Yep - he was thankful.

We met Michael's new Primary Care Doc at the CBOC. This is a BLESSING. We were told the only option was another care facility or telehealth. Still thankful for the angel/man at Anchorage VA that saw Michael's chart, made a few calls and got Michael on with a doctor. We would have gone to an LPN or PA - that's what we had in Eugene.  In any event Dr. B seems nice, caring and he did offer a few new suggestions for pain management. He also gave Michael quite a few referrals. Finally.

We enjoyed lunch together and then we headed back to the VA for an "Initial Info" meeting. All have to go through this when the begin treatment at the Valley CBOC.  It was fairly pointless for us. Info on how to be seen, where to be seen, how to get your claim through the VA and such.  But we jumped through the hoop like pros.

We were tired that night and instead of socializing opted for dinner and games at home.