Wednesday, May 06, 2020


It's painful to cut trees down....but we are busy cutting trees. We have quite a few spruce infected with spruce beetles...and several older trees that are dead....The power company had told us these two old trees would need to come down. The gal who came out said to call and ask THEM to remove them. We had them out and they said it wasn't a problem with the power lines. Two employees - two different answers. We, however, KNEW they had to come down. We hired help for this as they were TALL....and sure enough they were hollow at the bottom. 

Krista interuppted her Zoom work day for a bit of a PT break. LOL 
We have deep holes in the yard where branches were driven deep into the ground from the force of it's fall.

It's bare up front now. We knew this was coming and had planted 4 pine trees last year. We have 3 more ready to plant.  We'll be exposed for a number of years...but we'll be HERE when these trees are big enough to provide some privacy. Imagine that!!!

It took a few days to get both trees cut up and everyone got involved in the project ...our wood pile is is the brush pile to burn.

The moose love the brush pile. 

*Alex was very involved in this project but somehow I missed getting a photo of him. Stacia and I helped move a bit of brush - not much. We were busier inside.