Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekly Fitness Goals

Weekly Goal - 240 Minutes (40 minutes most days)
Total Weekly Minutes - 260 Minutes!!!!

Monday - 30 minutes Belly, Bohonkus, Thighs

Tuesday - TOO BUSY

Wednesday - 65 minutes - 5 mile Advance Walk - This is another new workout DVD for me. I think I have one more that I've not used yet that I got for Christmas. This one has 1 mile with weights, 1 fast mile, 1 mile with a belt thing, 1 fast mile and then 1 mile with a band (included). You can mix and match the workouts to have either a fast 1 mile workout or a 60 minute workout with a 5 min stretch.

Thursday - Migraine

Friday - 85 minutes - 45 minutes on elliptical and 40 minutes on recumbent bike at the base gym

Saturday - 20 minutes that Mike says I can count for walking around the Stock Show and playing at the Lake.

Sunday - 60 minutes plus - power cleaning - and YES my heart rate was UP! Good workout and the house is clean!

* I barely made it this week. I'm limping along. Mike says that I have to realize that the gym is priority for he sent me in on Friday - his afternoon off. I'm not sure HOW to make it a priority - when Bible Study and School are already tied for number 1.  I'm doing better and getting the overall minutes in, but for my health, we are still aiming to do at least 40 minutes each DAY, not 80 minutes every other day. ARGH.

This is a good spot to mention that I lost 5 lbs in Feb. Still 15 lbs away from where I was when my thyroid hiccupped., but I'm starting back down. ::snort::

Go here for this week's participant links. (I think) If not look for a Monday post with the above logo and you're there. LOL


Setting up the Pool - In March

I think it's far too cold, but Mike and Jamin are trying to write; Josiah and Jared went to the paint ball field, and I needed something fun for the younger ones. They have been begging to fill the pool. We did.


She's shivering...
Interesting twist on bobbing for apples.
Now, they are watching Anastasia, which we got from Netflix. Kathy, I made your roasted asparagus today, and it was yummy!