Sunday, July 03, 2016

CoRielle Are Here

After church, lunch, and our visit to Brother Jonathan Point...this happened. 
Repair on Mom G's car

 CoRielle arrived. They are down for the evening and day tomorrow. We enjoyed dinner and then headed over to Mom G's.  The guys decided to initiate Cory into an old family tradition - sleeping on the beach. Michael did this a lot while growing up here. We girls opted for warm and soft beds in the Caboose.

A site was selected, rocks were cleared and driftwood was gathered.  

Next up was a visit with Mom G. 
Mom, Arielle, Cory
Stacia, Cory, Arielle - Arrow and Nina
Smith River at Sunset
 Of COURSE we stayed for s'mores before heading back to the park. 

CoRielle, Nolan, Michael, Stacia, Alex

It's a blessing to have the kids make the drive for a quick visit. We'll pack in as much as we can.

Brother Jonathan Point

JaRissa have been taking quick video clips of places they are going and things they are doing in Alaska. They have been such fun for us to watch, that we decided to try our own. I had thought we'd need to wait until we have a Go Pro - but we made it work without it - once we figured out not to put the selfie-stick over the volume button. LOL

Below - a quick visit to Brother Jonathan Point in Crescent City, CA. We'll mostly share these on our Courageous Joy Facebook page.

We've been thinking of starting a YouTube channel for quite some time....It seems to do that we'd need to do more professional videos, and learn to edit, and learn how You Tube we've done nothing.

A still shot that will print - though it's a bit odd. ::snort::