Saturday, May 14, 2011

And YOU Wanted to be a Missionary????

Nights like last night when we said goodbye to Dad....and today with so MANY dear ones to say goodbye too: Mom, Bre, Krista, Josiah and Jamin....make me wonder about my childhood dream of being a missionary. ::grin::

I have settled long ago that these are "beneficial leave takings". I have great peace and joy at where God is leading our older Gherkins...but it's always hard to pack up the fun "family together" times and move back to our "normal life".  

This morning......we walked and talked. 

Krista tried Green Tea and Melon Kit Kats

Jamin didn't really like them, I guess. 

We waited....all morning on the front step with our coat and back pack on....

We loaded

The PLAN was to find a rental in Salem but the only one big enough was in Portland. Mom and the kids would drive with us to get the rental van, we'd load suitcases into the rental, grab lunch and then on to SEA TAC. They'd drive back to Eugene. The kids had a 6:00 p.m. dinner appointment.....but nothing ever goes as planned.

It took longer to get to Portland than expected on the google maps route. 

We arrived at Office Depot instead of Hertz rental. 

We found the rental across the river and they didn't have the van they told us  they would have (Toyota Sienna) - we won't fit in a typical mini-van with international travel gear. 

We rented it and headed for the Portland Airport.  This meant I DROVE a RENTAL over a TALL BRIDGE over a big river...first time I've been on a TALL bridge since the earthquake.... the emotions that came back along with the nerves was rather surprising. 

We got the new van. Exchanged bags...said goodbye in the Airport parking garage. 

Rather appropriate place for a Gherkin Family photo! 

Michael and I shared last pieces of advice with the older kids. These will remain highly top secret and confidential.....hmmm....check out those will do strange things to a young man.

Finally, the unavoidable happened...goodbye had to happen..... We cross to our van and I snapped a last shot.....

Oops....appears Jared is reluctant to stay on OUR side of the parking garage. ::snort:: 

We are now at the airport. We've been told there are 170 "Space A" seats on this flight. We are Cat 2. Good chance of getting our free trip back to Japan.  HOWEVER, now we are told the plane won't leave until 5 a.m. There is no sense in renting hotel rooms for 10 hours.  We staked out a spot to get comfy.....we like it better than the USO with inappropriate movies and that we hear we'll be here overnight we may check out the USO in a few hours. ::snort:: 

I've been asking myself all day, "How do you feel about going home to Japan?" I'll let you know what I answer myself.....when I finally answer myself.

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...