Sunday, April 09, 2017

We Have a Name....

We name our vehicles. We used to have Big Red (15 pass van lovingly aka The Beast) and The Caboose (31 ft Keystone Trailer).  When we purchased this motor home we DID ask if she had a name - she didn't.
Poor, nameless motor home
We began brainstorming and discussing, and discussing, and discussing. Dad G called the Class C they had while Michael was young the "Dream Boat." I suggested Dream Boat 2. Michael didn't buy it. He wanted something shorter. I suggested DB2 - didn't fly.

Some of the kids liked The Mother Ship - that seemed a bit presumptuous as it was Michael's dream to own the thing, he did the research, shopping, repairs and most the driving. ::snort::

Michael liked Mo  - as in MOtor home. The rest of us were skeptical.

We kept talking - waiting for a name to fit!  Nolan and I wanted something "Japanese."  He was given the task of finding a suitable Japanese name to suggest.  He thought, うち (Uchi) would work.  It means home.

We decided to live with it a bit before making the final choice. We wanted to be sure the word meant what we thought it meant and did a bit of research.
Uchi can mean "house" or "I/me/us/our company/our organization". The second option is mostly used by Japanese that come from the Kansai area. If it is a sentence that has he or ni after uchi, it means house. If is followed by wa or ga, it is the second option.
Well - it seems that Uchi could mean organization or "I". I explained we'd need to adjust a bit if we wanted to be  authentic. You know, in case someone from Kansai knew we named the thing UCHI and thought we were saying "Me, me, me."  All understood, to avoid this confusion, Uchi would need to be followed by ni.....Uchini seemed incomplete...and then someone remembered MO - Michael's favorite. Uchi ni Mo!

We kept thinking and talking.  We bought a jeep. Now we needed a name for it. Ideally the names would "fit together."  One day I was out driving and contemplating this great problem. I offer a glimpse of my thought process.  Uchinimo (Ewwchey knee moe).

Uchinimo....Nemo was a cute movie. "Just keep swimming....just keep swimming." I loved Dori.

Nemo was pretty cute too. He had a bit of spunk, but for the most part kept swimming...following Dori.

Uchinimo. WHAT are we going to name these rigs?

The Jeep will follow the motor home. If we settle and just call the RV Uchi...what goes with uchi for the jeep.

Uchi for the RV.  Ni Mo for the Jeep.

I wonder if the family will go for it.  They did.

We  haven't come up with any names we like better.....

And so we present Uchi and  Ni Mo...Uchinimo - our house the motor home.
Nimo looks pretty tiny behind Uchi
BTW we  slapped those Alaska plates on and the very FIRST afternoon someone stopped us to talk about AK and how far we were from home. Cracked us up as the previous plates were NH plates-further from Northern CA than AK - and nobody stopped us to talk about NH.