Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 4 - Angel Lake, NV - Klamath Falls, OR

Moto Lotto winner - Zander! We all over guessed based on our interstate driving yesterday. He guessed 10.
Quotes of the Day: While driving in the middle of absolutely NOTHING - see photos below - "Are we camping HERE?"
Zander - "Hey - mom! Look!!! Mountain cows!" (We'd pointed out mountain goats and so when he saw cows grazing on the side of a mountain as we came into OR....)
Yes...we got a late start. We went here.....

Because of this (x 4). We called the dealership where we bought the trailer and they didn't want us to buy tires until we got to an RV dealer. We were in Elko,NV and didn't want to drive over the passes on these tires. We called the MAIN dealer...."Oh - we've recalled those tires!" Argh. They HAD our trailer for TWO MONTHS fixing a slide out/carpet issue and we could have had it done then. BUT it worked out better.....we got radial tires instead of whatever it was they would replace them with. They'll give us $80 per tire...we paid the difference.

While the trailer was in the shop we went here.....
(Umm....Mcdonalds has salads and fruit but they have gotten our order REALLY wrong the last three times). This McDonalds had a GIANT play structure, air hockey, play stations, and basketball. The youngers were in heaven.

This is the highest price we've seen on the trip. Elko, NV. Wow - casinos everywhere. We didn't buy it here - we went here.... $3.23

And I went and bought REAL FOOD (or as near real as I could find). I'm really CRAVING a GREAT HARVEST bakery so I can buy REAL bread. I may have to make bread in the trailer before this is over.

We finally got on the road and headed out. Lunch found us at McD again - Cy this photo is for YOU - maybe you should print it and show it to TimO. ::snort::This was another "scenic" day - we didn't do the interstate so we didn't travel as fast as we could have. We saw a lot of this. (Yes, my family has explained to me what will happen if the airbag engages.....)

The road out of Denio, NV to Lakeside, OR is wild...steep, and nothing out there....nothing as far as you can see. It's like being on the alcan though the road was nicer. ::snort:: I told Mike that at least in TX when the scenery was this stark there would be cows, windmills, and oil derricks. We used to think it was the ugliest spot in America; we've since left the Pacific NW and know this is not true...but it is bleak! ::snort::

I kept seeing signs with donkeys on them. This led to speculation as to the purpose of the signs...then we began to see WILD's a photo - the digital zoom sort of wonks out the photo....I may need to get out the Nikon - we are noticing the photos are washed out - but it is so easy to use. LOL We also saw antelope and deer.
After hours of this nothingness we began our descent.....whew....that was a new experience with a trailer chasing you. ::snort::
We arrived in the Land of My Birth - OR. There is simply something magical about the pacific NW. It's gorgeous. The little ones couldn't stop talking about the "jungle". We've lived in pretty wide open spots since they've been old enough to really remember. Prices below are from Winemucca, NV.
We are seeing too much of this. ::snort:: Lakeview, OR
Arrived at KOA at 9:00 pm - THIS IS NOT! The pool is closed because folks were throwing their cigarette butts into the pool. People packed in like sardines....packs of youth running everywhere...but tomorrow we'll be at Jedidiah State Park and THAT is camping. LOL We're kinda long....
Day 4 - Angel Lake, NV to Klamath Falls, OR?????

Things I've learned on this vacation.....I like dragging my bed and couch along with me on vacations. ::snort::

When you can't sleep (unfamiliar noises of semi's driving through my bedroom), and you check the computer may well say 5:30 a.m. but you DO have more than an hour before wake up call.....because you are not in TX any longer.....I think I've been up since 3:30 a.m.

Expect the unexpected. We hope to make it to OR today. We noted that the sidewalls on our NEW tires was starting to separate. Mike thought he'd wait until Eugene to fix the tires.....but the breaks are this a.m. we will head to Elko and prayerfully find someone to fix three tires for we can prayerfully make it to Klamath Falls and the KOA pool I've promised the youngers. ::snort::

Day 3 Continued

The Not So Great Salt Lake - not to far from the GREAT Salt Lake
Morton factory and salt hills in the salt flats - the white in the background is a mountain of salt.... Playing in the Salt Flats - While we had no takers this trip to SWIM in the Great Salt Lake, Mike couldn't resist stopping on the side of the interstate and letting everyone taste and play. It was a grand idea and we saw other RV's up the road doing the same thing. Mike's a trendsetter!

Message left by Jared - God Rocks
Jamin left a message about a salt free diet. ::snort:: Hey McDonalds has great salads and fruit....Zander can't eat it...but I'm eating it. Um....oh the fruit has "bht" added for freshness. ARGH.