Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Fun Day to be Bachan

 This was a BIG Tuesday. I'd not been able to play with the boys for a few weeks due to the flu/crud which floated through their home. I don't believe I've watched the boys since Christmas.  They were excited to show me all the new things. I was excited to surprise them with LIVIE! More fun cousin time.  It was ironic to me that Danny's big thrill was a piece of paper and a pen.

This little trampoline may be genius for winter. I'm reserving judgement, but it sure was a lot of fun. 

Benny was excited to show Liv and I some new chase Youtubes. Liv was surprised you can get Youtube KIDS on the TELEVISION. Watch out CyRi. We liked the snowball fight with Grinch, the pirates chase and a Ninja one by Miss Linky. These were so fun Danny and Little Buddy joined us. 

THIS is the moment I heard Little Buddy begin to belly laugh. I hadn't heard him laugh like this before and it was contagious. I can't wait until I can share more of his sweet little face. 

Josiah and Carrie got back from Hawaii early this morning. It would be closer for them to pick up Olivia in town. We brought all her stuff with us. Arielle came home before they arrived, so Liv and I set out to complete some errands. 

We picked up a package at the post office. 

We picked up GG's meds at the pharmacy. 

We dropped off books at the library. 

We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch. She was enjoying the play area and they texted they were on their way out so we waited. 

Olivia was so excited to see her Mom and Dad. She told me this is the longest she's been away in YEARS. We LOVED having Liv for an extended visit. We know how happy she is to be home with Mom and Dad. 

It was a fun day to be Bachan!