Friday, July 17, 2020

The Day Before

It's the day before dip-netting 2020. Ready or not, we will leave for dip-netting, Fish Camp 2020, in the morning. Mike worked on the RV. I ran essential errands.  Stacia made BBQ meatball sauce, Chicken Divan sauce,  hot chocolate mix, hospitality Chai tea mix, Bird balls, brownies for dessert, and shredded 4 pork roasts. While she was busy in the kitchen, the others cleaned the house.  Nolan, Krista, Stacia and I checked the meals list and got the food out to the RV.  I thought we were packed and then remembered - I'd not packed any personal clothes yet, an alarming oversight...but the fishing gear and the food are all loaded. ::snort::

Is this not the cutest picture? Livie was our dinner guest tonight - along with her mom....and Josiah. 
Livie and Dash...and Stacia's arms

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago  Josiah and Carrie were Facebook official. Let me make it blog official and  introduce you to Carrie and Olivia.  We are enjoying getting to know Carrie and Olivia and you'll most likely see them from time to time on the blog. I now have permission to post consider yourself introduced.
Carrie, Cy, Olivia - via  FB 

This is the last day before we leave and we worked all day. I didn't realize what time it was until they walked in the door. I'm ALL about those first impressions. ::snort::  We had pizza, salad and brownies....and fun conversation.
Carrie, Krista and Livie work to crack the egg -(Josiah)
while Mike yells encouragement

Krista had not met Carrie before...and a bit later CoRielle dropped by to meet Carrie and Olivia as well.  Carrie is prior Air Force so we enjoy the Air Force connection.

Stacia and Livie hit it off. Benny had a blast playing with both of them. Kimber and Millie had a puppy play date. Millie was FAR too over-stimulated with so many new folks around....I'm a bit worried about how she'll be out dip-netting.

Oh...while I was out walking this a.m. I actually had to reach for my bear spray.....good thing I noticed it wasn't moving before I wasted good spray on this....

Another highlight of the day was my "goals group" meeting.  It turned out to be just Tamara and I today - a personal coaching session. It was fun to be able to share back and forth a bit more than usual.

I didn't find the time this week to get into the garden. It's apparent.  It will be a mess when we get home and that's just the way it will have to be. I'm trying to leave it watered well....and we'll just deal with what I have to do when we get back.  I DID take about 30 minutes to water and pull a few weeds before I came in to end the day.

Tomorrow, I need to pack my personal items into the RV and do a few last-minute things, but we have great hopes of leaving for the Kenai by 0900.