Sunday, April 05, 2015

Resurrection Day 2015

We woke up early, took a family photo and headed for the chapel....
Arielle, Staci and Me; Michael, Nolan and Alex/Zander
Michael preached. I didn't hear the sermon; I was playing in the nursery.  I know the Holy Spirit was working. How do I know this? Several got saved! What a fun day to enter the family of God!
We had decided yesterday afternoon to enjoy a relaxing dinner here at home! I'm so glad we did. John and Nadine joined us. Stephanie and her children joined us. Praying Brenner has a great Easter where he is. Rob is home on a mid-tour. His parents are in for a week. They all joined us...and the fellowship was sweet. It was fun to hear John and Bernie share their stories (both are retirees).
When we made the plan it was bright and sunny. Today we enjoyed some much-needed rain....Michael was prepared.  I had lots of help pulling the sides together.

Steph and kids
 Arielle, Nolan and I had prepared some eggs for the kids. We put non-edible stuff in most the eggs, but each child had their name on two special eggs - one  with chapstick and another with candy. They all had fun looking. Rob and Michael hid the  eggs for our young adults and they were quite a bit harder to find.

Clara Beth finds her egg

Cole finds HIS egg

Stacia finds the egg with her name

Arielle FINALLY found hers

Nolan's was high

Zanders was also high
 Here's a shot of all the "kids"
Front - Clara, Elise, Arielle, Stacia and Cole
Back- Zander, Nolan and Daniel

Left-Right - John, Nadine, Michael, Rob, Bernie, Mary

Once again God confirmed people are more important than a perfect meal....and  it pays not to wait until things are "perfect" to invite others over. ::wink::

March was an INCREDIBLY busy month.  Today was a wonderful day of connecting with old friends and new ones too - being an extrovert it did energize me. 

Tomorrow begins another busy week. I thought it would be a lazy week as PWOC is on spring break - but I'll be busy from 8 a.m.  - 4 p.m. every day outside of the house. This will be new.