Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Menu for Week of June 3

Monday - Scholotsky's

Tuesday - Burger Burn, oven fries

Wednesday - Meatloaf - softball @ 7:00

Thursday - Oven Fried Chicken, pilaf - Cival Air Patrol

Friday - Chaplain & Spouse Dinner/ Homemade Pizza

Saturday - Parish Appreciation Dinner

Sunday - Eat Out - Probably not - we'll be sick of it by then! LOL

My Marinating Hour

I was frustrated I couldn't find my colored pencils this a.m. I simply can go no further in Esther or I Peter until I find those things. ::snort::

I read Psalm 23. Here are a few thoughts.

Verses 1- 3
I have a GOOD Shepherd.

Shepherds lead - really good shepherds - really lead.

I am not in my current situation because of rebellion. If I were, I would label it as sin and repent. I'm not in my current situation because of a freak of nature. My Shepherd leads. He goes AHEAD.

I can be so secure, so content, so satisfied with my Shepherd's presence that I rest in the middle of lush feeding grounds. I don't have to worry about provision - the Shepherd has always been there.

He restores me soul.

He guides me in righteousness.

Many would like to camp out right here. Many would like to skip verses 4 and 5 and go directly to verse 6.....many attempt to do this in their personal theology.....

Verse 4 - 5

Sometimes we find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death. It is not death. Thank God that death is conquered. We do not grieve as those without hope. It is only the SHADOW of death; the shadow can be painful.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the presence of enemies.

Where IS my Shepherd? Did he lead me HERE or did I just stumble into this valley?

My Shepherd is IN the valley. His rod and staff are still guiding, protecting, and comforting me. His presence is still my great joy. I can be secure, content, and satisfied in the middle of the valley. He leads. He isn't running behind my circumstances. He has PREPARED food, comfort, nourishment, and fellowship for me in the valley - in the presence of my enemies.

He anoints my head with oil (oil often symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit - many believe). My cup is overflowing. I'm content, but I'm not content with scraps. My Shepherd is taking good care of me....right in the middle of verses 4 and 5....in the valley with shadows and enemies.

And eventually I will reach verse 6. Goodness and mercy (loving kindness) will follow me as I follow the Shepherd wherever He leads. Honestly, they follow me now. Ultimately, I will dwell in His house, in His intimate presence forever.

I can trust Him - in all things - in all situations - in all pain. I can find rest. I can choose contentment as I surrender to His care. So can you. It's all about surrender. If you need to have a spiritual temper tantrum - get alone with Him, voice your fears and disappointments. He can handle it. But remember - it will come down to your heart. Is He Lord? Is He God all by Himself? It will come down to surrender. I find rest, peace, joy, contentment, and a host of other really good things....as I surrender right there in the midst of the yuck!

PS - promise not to preach any more on my blog today.