Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Doors of Hope in a Valley of Trouble (ala Hosea 2:15 NCV)

  • Phone messages of support at Doubletrees
  • 14 free Doubletree cookies
  • 3 offers of homes in the Seattle area (I've decided to go to OR and wait this out).
  • Home to stay in in OR
  • Offer for the title of a truck for the boys to drive to TX.....they have a car in OR so we wouldn't have felt right taking the truck...but what a generous offer.
  • Offers of assistance in a variety of ways.
  • Favorite games given to children before we even realized the games were missing.
  • Cash to help us begin to cover expenses of hotels, replacing clothes, documents etc. This was a costly mistake in many ways.
  • Police report in hand to fax to various spots.
  • Contact numbers and people for me as I work through the issues...and the TIME for Mike to compile all the contacts from slips of hotel stationary into one list before he leaves.

Fun Moments in the Adventure:

  • Everyone at Doubletree recognized us....fellow guests seemed to think our misfortune may rub off and kept a protective bubble around us, employees gave us free cookies.
  • Driving downtown Seattle EMT workers stopped us and asked if we were that family, wished us well and encouraged us....
  • In the same are of Seattle a man who owns a gourmet popcorn store ran up and gave us two big bags. (Yes, the cookies and popcorn were lunch).
  • We got to see the E family again...and Kathy blessed me with a Bible whose text I can see. ::snort::
  • Yep, it's a bit unnerving with folks recognizing us....but also heartening for so many to express their sorrow over this happening in their city. I guess big cities aren't ALL crime and such. ::snort:: Seattle may become my favorite dreamed of big city time.

Here are links to the latest news clips if you aren't tired of seeing our van, our feet and our mugging. ::snort:: King 5 has a great shot of Zander with his Bible (I thought it was Stacia's that was left). KOMONews had a feet fascination. ::grin:: We've not been able to watch clips, so remember that things CAN be taken out of context if something whacky is said. ::snort:: BTW Elisa and Eric (news reporters) were both fantastic to work with and we appreciate their help in trying to recover our stolen items.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Tuesday's Update

Again - we KNOW this was a dumb, stupid, ridiculous, inane mistake. We understand the need of some to remind us of this, but NO ONE is more aware of the stupidity than Mike and I. Together, we have traveled to over 10 overseas countries. We understand the proper procedure for overseas travels. We were distracted. Our attention slipped as we contemplated hard farewells to 4 adult children and family....and in that moment....neither of us know HOW...we did the unthinkable....we turned our attention from important documents and papers and WHAMO...they're gone. We'll be ever more diligent in the future. I am so very grateful that I receive mercy and find grace for times of need at the throne of grace (Heb 4:16).

That being said, we must continue to move forward to recovery. It's fine for those who feel the need to remind us of how stupid we are, we understand....but we need to focus on what can be done to speed the process so that I can get the family settled again. This has been an unnerving move for all of us. I'm not responding to comments on public forums and would prefer no one send them here to read this either....if you are following public forums and would like to use some of my thoughts or even copy them fine....but THIS is my safe haven where I don't have to be bombarded by those who think we deserve to suffer because of our mistake. ::snort:: Hmmm....I don't mind if you send your friends here....please carefully consider sending those who are raising a ruckus's that? ::snort:: BTW - I agree with their thoughts that this is our fault... and as I said no one is kicking themselves over this more than Mike and I......however, we are overwhelmed by the kindness and grace of some in the midst of the mess up. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Recent changes:

  • Mike will fly out the 14th.
  • Our Alma Mater has offered a home in Eugene for the kids and I to stay in until we can fly out. It's unfurnished, but we are flexible and it will be a grand adventure.
  • Krista had a long sit down with the bank. The robbers continue to try to charge things with her debit card. They are either shopping online or merchants aren't checking closely. This took FOREVER yesterday in the heart of Seattle...but I think she's finally gotten the bank to understand that "frozen" means NO NEW CHARGES PLEASE! They are working the process to recover her college funding.
  • We returned the borrowed van to the E family of Lakewood...thanks so much again.
  • A wonderful Wing Chaplain leaned on housing at McChord and we are in some dorm type rooms for the night. I'm not sure this will be an option as I travel back and forth to work on applications. We shall see....but we are grateful that he was able to convince lodging to look beyond their "regulations".
  • Today we work on more passport details and hope to travel to Eugene. The boys need to leave tomorrow for TX.

BTW I'm quite sure a vacant house will not have wifi; don't be alarmed if updates aren't as regular for a bit of time. I'm quite sure I'll find nearby wifi quickly. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...