Friday, April 13, 2012

Status Updates - 13 April

  • They're tilling the fields outside our house. 
  • TnT - Mark 11
    • v 17 Jesus contrasts an open house with a secretive, dangerous criminal hideout; prayer with profiteering
    • v 25 - 26 - Forgiveness is mandatory - look up the word, #863. Jesus said "Forgive them they know not what they do" - why do we think we have the right to let them know all they've done before we forgive? I choose to forgive - as often as I pray and remember and need to.  Jesus showed he forgave by accepting sinners. Why do we so often shun those we say we've forgiven? Things I'm pondering. 
  • Hugs are back on the agenda - very good thing!
  • I've unpacked my "Just in case Hospital bag!"*
  • School - done - not as much as I hoped for but I had mercy. We DID get 3 weeks of Tapestry done. 
  • Took Arielle and 3 of her friends to  Shimoda Mall for an hour.*
  • Took advantage of the above outing for Mommy and Me time with Stacia.*
  • Neighbor's emptying cupboards....we're delivering the stuff to a missionary in a nearby city. 
  • Young adults in our house have a lock in at the chapel tonight. 
  • Dinner....trip to Hachinohe...and episode #7 in "What's in the Bible".
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