Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sledding Runs, Hospice Quilts & Family

I SHOULD have gone outside to get photos or video of the kids today. Back in my bloggy/vloggy days, I would have....but it was 11* outside and the deck is covered in slippers have big tears in them....I wimped out.... must get some warm slippers which allow me to rush into the arctic conditions for quick shots. ::snort::

Arielle, Alex, Nolan, and Stacia have spent quite a bit of time this week building a jump for this year's sledding run. They've built steps to the top, and asked if we could get out there and "ice" it for them. We haven't yet. Today, Arielle, Alex and Stacia spent a lot of time "sledding" down the path, packing it down, in hopes of an established sledding run.

JaRissa and Josiah came out this afternoon. We visited, laughed, caught up on all the week's news and then watched a Spurs game. They lost. Again.

This was a healing moment for me. The red quilt is Mom's hospice quilt - a quilt given to me by the nurse when we switched mom to comfort care.  The Nativity is one our younger kids played with.  The quilt sits on a trunk with the Nativity on top of it.  I debated putting the quilt out. It's a daily reminder this year is different. It has a STUPID saying about death on the back, but in the end I knew it would be a reminder for me in year's to come, when I should be long over "grieving." A way to remember and acknowledge at Christmas. I have an ornament for the babies we've lost for the same reason. Benny was playing with one nativity piece at a time - over by the trunk/stairs.....

I picked up the quilt with the Nativity and moved it to the center of the room as we visited. 

He loves to push the angel and make the sound

He's dancing

It was the perfect picture. Mom didn't get to meet Benny. She adored her grandkids and great-grandkids....On the very day of the one year anniversary of Mom's move to heaven, a new great-granddaughter came home to the house where Dad is living. The photo is PRECIOUS and healing....but it's not my baby in the photo and I don't have permission to share online.

I watched Benny playing with a nativity on his great-grandma's hospice quilt.  A moment of great joy, with a shadow of continuing on....I thought of this earlier in the week, too. God is gracious to remind us of the future, hope, and new chances to invest in a generation - right in the middle of grief.

The angel started making a most un-angelic sound. Benny knew what to do! He took it right to Gramps. Michael and Benny have a fun relationship. It warms my heart to see him reach for Michael.

Auntie Riss, Uncle Jared & Benny

These older Gherkins are pretty special to me too! 
Auntie Riss, Uncle Jared, Uncle Cy

It was a good day.

Snowy Moose

The moose have come back. Hunting season is over, and the SNOW is forcing them to look  harder for food. Our wooded area attracts them. They don't seem to have discovered this year's compost pile, or the newly planted orchard.

They are interested in the chickens and often stop to lean their heads over the chicken fence. One day I was cleaning the coop, heard an unfamiliar sound, and looked up to see three bull moose - one interested in the chicken yard and two locking antlers and waltzing back and forth.  We have had up to five moose in the yard at the same time.

Yuuki doesn't run when let out to do her business in this cold. She hurries to get back inside. She started whining, so Stacia put her leash on her and let her out. GREAT foresight... Yuuki began to pull her through the snow towards these interlopers.
Moose 1 and Moose 2 
 As she pulled leaves off the branch, the snow showered her. She'd stop and shake her head. It was cute to watch. It won't be so cute when they wander over to the orchard. We do have it fenced. With so many other options in the yard, maybe they'll leave the fenced trees alone.

I hope we have lots of moose when our out of state visitors are here! I never get tired of watching them - unless they are playing in the garden!

We are six days away from the darkest day of our year.....I am excited to start gaining light each day. I do love the seasonal changes up here.