Friday, July 31, 2020

Memorable Friday Fling

 We met Arielle and Benny at the Friday Fling today. We started by sitting under the shade of a big cottonwood tree to enjoy a quick "lunch" of lemonade and funnel cake. ::snort:: 

Benny (2 3/4) and Stacia (15)

📷by Arielle

Today's trip to the Fling was memorable as it was Millie's FIRST trip to the crowded streets, and.... was Benny's first time to ride a pony! 
📷by Arielle

It was a fun trip. We were happy Arielle invited us to join she and Benny. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

July Snippets

 One Sunday afternoon Stacia had made this cookie and she and Liv decorated it! Stacia, and the rest of us, enjoy getting to know Oliva and her mom, Carrie. 

Arielle and Benny at the Vintage Fair. We cracked up at the way Benny is wearing his glasses. 

Dad enjoyed getting out and helping this summer. He helped build garden beds, liked to sit out and watch the garden, he helped sift rocks...2 years later in 2022 we miss this. 

LOOK! We grew one! 

The moose are visiting again. 

This day I was waiting while Dad was supposed to have a procedure done to open his heart up a bit. They stopped the procedure. 

I was out walking the next day when I got a call from a heart surgeon in Anchorage. I didn't even know we'd been referred yet. It appears dad heart is bad enough they wanted him to see a surgeon rather than the angioplasty....they called to say he has less than 3 months to live (by predictions) and to schedule a consult. 

Millie's Football

 We have purchased Millie an array of toys. Her favorite toy remains an old football that we neglected to throw away before winter....

For a few brief hours her attention and heart focused on THIS new toy. The stuffed box is filled with squeaky penguins that she must remove. 

But, no, the football is much better. 

Eventually the inside of the football was punctured, and we threw it away. Maybe we should buy another one for her. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Puppy Play Date

 Everyone told us to socialize Millie. It would be great if we could get her around other dogs when she was young. From her earliest days CoRielle brought Kimber over to play. I was told Kimber would teach Millie how to behave with other dogs and how far was too far....

I think Kimber pretty much let Millie rule....and Millie never learned to leave bigger dogs alone. LOL In fact she drew blood on Kimber and play dates had to end...but on this day they had a puppy play date which both enjoyed. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Grand Play Date

 All the grands came to play today. I can't help being a bit envious as I watch them grow up with cousins nearby. I've always wondered what it would be like to grow up with cousins near, it's fun to watch and see the pros and cons. 

 Annie enjoys the swings....
I believe she's 18 months

Benny (3) and Gideon (2 3/4) love the trampoline. 

The day was nice enough to play in the sprinkler. Once we found a sprinkler that wouldn't whack one's ankles as it rotated. The tractor sprinkler is not good for the purposes of the grands. 

Bella is 4 


Benny & Aunt Stacia 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day 6 of Dip-Netting 2020

We've been here five nights and today we will leave. But, FIRST, we will process the fish from the final tide. 


This is OUR catch.  Others are in the future years, we bring a bigger freezer. 

We break down camp. 

Josiah left and came back with ice and ICE CREAM...the perfect way to end our time together before everyone gets on the road. 

Back at home, Benny supervises the unpacking of all the fishing gear....

Looking back at this trip from the vantage point of 2022, I am even more thankful for the week. This was our real chance to get to know Luke and Carrie and Liv. It's fun to know that both have married into the family...and they are integral parts of the family....and that assimilation all began on a fishing trip in 2020. LOL 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 5 - Dip Netting 2020

Today is Day 5 - and we have most the fish we wanted...but TODAY IS A HUGE DAY - Carrie and Livie joined us. At this point Josiah and Carrie had been dating a  2 or 3 months. Carrie and Liv had visited the house once. We were excited to spend time with them and get to know them better. This was their first time dip-netting.  Olivia is shore crew with me. 

The first part of fishing any tide is carrying the nets and coolers to the shore...and then assembling the nets. 

Krista, Carrie, Livie

Josiah & Krista

Josiah & Carrie

Liv was a great asset to shore crew. She loved bonking Josiah's fish. 

Liv, Carrie and Josiah 

A quick clip...8 p.m. at night. 

Back at camp - cleaning fish. Liv was full of questions and Josiah loved answering them all. Carrie commented to me, "I think Josiah will be a good dad, don't you?" 

"Oh, yes! I agree." 

The freezer is full and the coolers are filling up.