Sunday, October 28, 2007

Super Sunday

I am so blessed to be able to attend two or three diverse "churches" each week. I missed everyone last week and it was FUN to be back this week. We only did two services today. Mike preached from Matt 7 - Judge not...and it was good, convicting, challenging and encouraging all at the same time. We are NOT to set ourselves up as judge, jury and sentence enforcer....we are to be tools of grace and mercy - leading others to the author of salvation. Good stuff.

The day began early. Mike and I teach a Sunday School class for "elementary" (actually the ONLY one ::snort::). It's been a blast to do together. I've really LOVED seeing Mike teach the young ones. Mike also usually does children's church in the Traditional Service but since he was preaching, I volunteered. I really did. What a hoot! I've avoided RE since MT when I was asked by the RE coordinator to stay with adults where my "gifting" was.

We arrived today and I went to make a few copies for Children's Church while Mike settled into class. There was NO adult teacher. I got to teach. It was GREAT. They've been studying Ephesians and happened to be in Eph 4. We didn't finish the chapter but we discussed the first 15 or 16 verses. Awesome to me was the fact that I've been thinking a lot about the Body of Christ and why God would set it up that we need each other - when so often we think we do better on our own. Read the verses and laugh. We had a great discussion time...and I chuckled all day that God encouraged my thoughts with this "coincidence".

Children's church went well. Stacia ran up front during the children's sermon and stole the show. She stopped and said "hi" all along the way. She kept saying "I have money" when Mike was speaking to the kids. Then she ran back down the aisle stopping to say hi along the way...back up again....and THEN she took off her shoes during the prayer. She came back DOWN the aisle, headed for children's church telling all, "I have my shoes". ::snort::

Fellowship Time was sweet. Emma made some YUMMY Good Morning muffins. I need to make these - though the kids weren't as impressed as I was. Debbie and her boys joined us for lunch at Burger King. Debbie's dh is about 1/2 way through his deployment! Go Debbie.

Mike and I went to the Gospel Service. Sweet time. The children came home.

When we arrived home, Josiah drove to pick up Debbie's boys and Shannon's boys, and Mike met them all over at the local school for a rousing game of football. Both families have Dad's deployed and Mike enjoyed being there for a bit of Dad Rough housing with them.....paying his friends back for their care of us last year.

The younger boys played play station. The girls helped me work on Thanksgiving decorations. We STILL cannot find our yard decor. I'm sure I put it some strange place. Mike has set spots for these things but he wasn't home last year at this time. AND most importantly, we made chocolate covered nuts to go in our homemade ice cream which Mike is dishing up NOW!

I'll write more posts with photos as time allows...
Thankful (Or Thanksgiving) Tree

Each year, for years, we've made a Thankful tree. Most years we've made a tree or used a branch. I've cut out about 100 leaves. I place the leaves in a basket and hang the tree on a wall or bulletin board, or stick the branch in a pot of dirt....

Throughout the season any and all who enter our house are welcome to grab a leaf, write what they are thankful for on the leaf, and stick it on the tree.

THIS year I ordered our tree from Oriental Trading. It comes with a few leaves. I needed more leaves. I found packs for $1.99. I decided it was worth the price this year to save the time. I didn't realize that they were WREATHS (because once again I don't read close enough when I'm ordering) but that is o.k.

Our stuff arrived earlier in the week - a HUGE box.
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Arielle and I hung the tree tonight while the boys were playing football.
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Stephanie (an MHO sister I met in real life) made this quilt for me one fall. We moved it to where the moose quilt usually resides in our living room.
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I ordered these as well - didn't realize there were 12 of them!If any local friends want some - ask. They are going to be little Thanksgiving scenes....I am really going to have to start reading the fine print when I order online.
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UPATE: I've meaning to say, and forgot last night, that Yvonne had a great idea for all these leaves after Thanksgiving. It's always bothered me to throw them away. She suggested putting them in a scrapbook. I'm going to do that this year. Actually, go here to read some really wonderful thoughts by Yvonne on Thanksgiving.
Circle of Blessing

Since I had some unexpected wreath frames....Arielle set down to make a wreath. We decided to write verses on the leaves. It turned out really cute. Stacia of course had to join us.

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I've mentioned I can't find our fall decor (about 20 times ::snort::)! I've been looking for the perfect wreath for our door. Arielle asked if we could hang hers there. I think it's perfect. I hope the ink doesn't run.

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This was a FUN and easy project. I was able to show Arielle again how useful a concordance is, we picked some great verses, it truly put a song in my heart. I'm praying that others who come to our door this season will be blessed or maybe even drawn to Jesus. BTW - we did NOT buy the Aslan door knocker....and Stacia's "wreath" is on the fridge.
Blessing Mix

It's amazing to think how long some of my online friendships have lasted. I believe it's been about 10 years since I first read about this little mix from Suzanne R (Military Homeschoolers Online).... Michelle, (also a MHOer) has posted about this on her blog and it jogged my memory. I need memory joggers more often than I did 10 years ago when I joined MHO. ::snort::

It seems to me that this goes right along with the 30 days of Thanksgiving . I plan to make a bunch of these up and pass them out to mailmen, dentists, teachers, hairdressers, Bible Study ladies etc. Thanks for the idea Michelle! Ladies, Michelle has a lot of really great ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving on her blog - a way to take "offerings" all month and more...check her out.

These directions are taken from Organized Christmas - you can find directions, tags, photos here

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix Recipe
2 cups Bugles brand corn snacks

2 cups small pretzels

1 cup candy corn

1 cup dried fruit bits or raisins

1 cup peanuts or sunflower seeds

1 cup M&Ms-brand chocolate candy

16 Hershey's-brand chocolate kisses

In a large bowl, gently mix all ingredients except Hershey's Kisses.

Place 1/3 to 1/2 cup Thanksgiving Blessing Mix in small cellophane treat bags. Add one Hershey's Kiss to each bag. Close bag with chenille stem or twist-tie.

Print 4 copies of the Thanksgiving Blessings Mix printable gift tagor hand-write your own tags with the following wording.

Cut out tags, and attach one to each bag.
Thanksgiving Blessing Mix
Bugles: Shaped like a cornucopia or Horn of Plenty, a symbol of our nation's abundance.

Pretzels: Arms folded in prayer, a freedom sought by those who founded our country.

Candy corn: Sacrifices of the Pilgrims' first winter. Food was so scarce that settlers survived on just a few kernels of corn a day.

Nuts or seeds: Promise of a a future harvest, one we will reap only if seeds are planted and tended with diligence.

Dried fruits: Harvest gifts of our bountiful land.

M&Ms: Memories of those who came before us to guide us to a blessed future.

Hershey's Kiss: The love of family and friends that sweetens our lives.

If the link above doesn't work - this one will take you right to the page to print your tags - courtesy of Michelle. Blessing Mix Tags

PS - I know this sort of stuff is all over the internet but I'm trying to get our traditions and resources in ONE SPOT...and this blog is IT. I'm also hoping that seeing this will motivate me to follow through this year - maybe I'll even find a way to make some FG friendly mixes - but now that the co-op is defunct I'm not sure where to buy sundrops....::sigh::