Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Fantastic Afternoon with The Kids

 Bre had an appointment today! Allie and I went to their home for a few hours this afternoon. I shamelessly played! Well, first we made little cards to send to their Daddy. 

Those curls! Those eyes! 

Gideon is a perfectionist - it's fun to work with him

Can you believe this doll is "almost 6"?

This was a game in the vein of Operation but with Pirates. We gave up as it continuously squawked! 
Bella, Annie, Gideon

Candyland was a game all 3 were interested in playing at the same time. 

Jenga held Annie's interest longer than it held Gideon's. They certainly know this one better than I do. They loved schooling Grandma Baachan!  LOL 

The lil' darlings did talk me into giving them a snack of "Irish cereal."  Their success was centered on my curiosity to see what Irish cereal was hidden in the "cold room." Lucky charms y'all! 

Allie took Lady, their German Shepherd, for a walk. When they came home, they worked on treat training inside, AND took her outside to work with her while Arielle and the boys played on the other side of the fence.  Do you remember BreZaak and CoRielle are fence neighbors?  It was a good training day for Lady. 

In other news, Stacia did develop covid symptoms.  She will be on Day 5 Friday and is happy she won't miss the weekend festivities. She missed movie night at youth tonight.