Monday, January 30, 2023

Winter Snippets

 Snippets from the past couple of months - those little things I didn't have time to blog which added zest and sparkle to our days. 

Joelle makes the most amazing loaves of sourdough bread. She's agreed to teach me. I have baked sourdough bread before but it never looked this amazing. LOL 

The year began with power outages...this seems symbolic of starting the new year somehow. 

I set up a little winter hot chocolate bar for the girls and the kids that come through here. 

How fun to have such an exciting event to count down to in the winter! Noah, Jared and Larissa's baby boy will make his debut before January is over. 

The winter garden. Somehow, I'm not motivated to buy seeds...but I should. 

The sunrise...the sun sort of circles around the horizon. 

I'm enjoying the candles we made. They aren't very fragrant...I especially like the little teacups which will reveal fun surprises as the wax melts down.  AND we can refill them when we burn them down.

We weren't sure if our egg shortage was localized due to the supply chain or if it was national. It turns out it is national. My phone began to blow up on New Years Day with people wanting to buy eggs. This was a good nudge for me to contact a local market and ask if they would buy my extra eggs to sell. 

Yes, I'm a crazy chicken lady. I have started telling the girls who they are laying for. I went out on morning, and they'd only laid 3 eggs. I told them, "You have to do better than this. These eggs are for Hopey's birthday, and I need you to produce." They did. LOL  They are currently doing their patriotic duty and laying for the members who work at JBER since the commissary is out of eggs. LOL 

Allie is working hard on her college assignments. She will be halfway done with her AA when she finishes this semester. Nolan is doing the same (but I don't venture into his study habitat). Nolan is over halfway finished with his Bachelor's in Business Admin. 

Larissa and Noah - such a fun way to brighten winter! 
📷from JaRissa

There were FOUR moose in this spot as we drove out of our neighborhood. Nice of this one to pose for us. 

Freezer meals ready to send off to a new family. 

The boys love to play Hungry Dinos when they come to visit. 
Danny, Benny & Little Buddy 

We are looking to have the older Gherkins help with GG care from time to time. They came over Saturday to go over instructions so everyone would be ready to go as we need them. Little Buddy and Danny took reading over the instructions very seriously. Danny took pen in hand to make needed changes. LOL 

Can you believe its the end of January already???? WHUT is going ON?