Saturday, November 12, 2011


Asia Region Conference ended at 11:00 p.m.  Vicky, from Area 1, generously offered to drive Claudia and I to Osan Air Base. Why Osan? Osan is KNOWN for the shopping right out its gate. Claudia and I  both needed to buy some gifts for our babies at home.

 Our 2009-2011 regional board had a THING about molten lava chocolate cakes from Chili's.....we ALWAYS (around the world) took time to order ONE and savor it bite by bite as a team.  I envisioned sharing one with Vicky and Claudia (and the Misawa women who planned to meet us at Chili's at 5:30 p.m.).

McDonalds - everywhere you want to be....they deliver on these little scooters in Korea

Sad! They were open when we arrived. They were opened after we ate at the food court and were heading to the bus station. 
We DID find all that we needed for family members. We had dinner at the BX Food Court and headed for the bus station, where we parted company with Vicky, and joined up with the group from Misawa heading back to Dragon Hill Lodge.

I took care of a few admin details with the hotel when we arrived, said some goodbyes, and began to pack! It was a very full week.

Here are a few other shopping photos from Korea - not ones I took - but ones I snagged from around the net. I have no photos of installation but when some surface, I will snag them and share.
Tara and Susan in Korea

Choosing Joy!
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