Monday, October 06, 2008

Photobucket SHEW......

I have been screaming busy but focused....focused...except when the phone rings. ::snort::

At about 6:00 p.m. Mike walked in the door, pulled my fingers from my mouth, told me to quit biting my nails, told me he'd take Jared to basketball practice, and redeemed 2 entire hours!Yippee! What a MAN!

Speech was speech.

School was great. We focused on science fun. I'll have photos and such tomorrow - no time tonight to post.

I got part 1 of Bills done.

I got the portfolio and such mailed.

I began making new TOG grade charts for the boys for this school year (since I took so much time to get them right for last year's work - it only seems right I do the same for this year and use them from the START of the year this year). ::snort::

Did some more co-op stuff...inputting orders, fielding questions and phone calls...both co-ops are in a time of growth.

New Developments while I "focused":
1. Bre IS coming to watch the younger set for us when we go to the PWOC International conference. I'm excited, they're excited. This is good.

2. Krista called and she IS coming home for Christmas. I'm doubly excited.

3. My sister in law called and they are coming to visit us TOO.....this weekend but we'll not be here... so they'll catch us 10 days later...I think.

4. Heard from a friend that a base in AK is losing all of their Protestant Chaplains this summer....hmmmm.....AK or Eurpope? ACK.... Good thing God is in control because I'm incredibly fickle! ::snort:: Besides the Mid-west and East Coast sound great too.....We'd like to see more of the world than TX as we've spent 7 years here...but 3 in SOUTH TX and 4 in WEST TX and they are not the same. LOL

5. We received the return postcard saying that Jamin's Novel has arrived at Operation First Novel....God's will alone...that's all we crave.

Jamin should be home from work soon. I'm outta here!

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Photobucket Lunch Break

Ah - lunch break and I'll quickly update.....because I was discipline and did NOT update during the weekend....I stayed focused on my projects....a list that is not dwindling down as fast as it could. LOL I was GOING to write devotionals for SHS, PWOC and my blog, I was GOING to write up an SSS entry....all waited. I'm learning.

Saturday a.m. bright and early I headed to the gym. It was so early that it was DARK. I reached into my drawer and pulled out what I thought was an over-sized t-shirt. At the gym I've been working on one lady who is a tad bit too aloof for my personality. I noted she was SMILING...BIG and I smiled back thinking to myself, "finally, she's loosening up!" Then I caught a glance of myself in one of the many mirrors in the locker room.

Oops - I was at the gym in a night shirt. Oh well - I was NOT going home and missing a workout.


I spent the rest of Saturday working on Jamin's portfolio for NARS. Yes, I was minutes away from being done with it 3 weeks ago. BUT I found some forms on the TOG yahoo group that I liked better. Then I realized that most of the forms weren't set for redesign content so I reworked the charts. I like them MUCH better than what I had used the past two years. This all took time. In fact, I worked ALL DAY on them.

Mike came home in time to shower, dress and take me on a date night!!!! Earlier in the week we were given these:


I'd never been to the symphony and enjoyed myself immensely. I did NOT understand why they have to tune up before each and every piece. ::snort:: I thought it hilarious to watch the harpist dig in her purse during one number....a trumpter had me seriously alarmed at how red his bald head got during his solos...the music was great. The seats were AWFULLY uncomfortable...but that's the price you may for culture. ::snort::

Before the concert Mike took me to Joe's.....we LOVE Italian food but haven't been happy with what we've found to this point. This was good. We'll have to try it out again when we have more time to savor a meal.


Sunday - two services.....a high point was the worship band from a local church, Christian Faith Center, coming up to play in our Contemporary Service.

I had a great talk with Bre. She thinks she may be able to come out and watch the kids for us the week that Mike and I are both at a conference. She thought it was in Oct and so has to check again now that she realizes we need her in November. We did NOT think she would be able to do this but I sent out a "Can anyone fly out here to help - we'll buy you a ticket" to the girls and Mom and Dad. LOL I have an entry to write about Bre - I assured her it is coming but that I needed time to think before I wrote. ::snort::

Josiah showed up at the Contemporary Service at base and then came over for Sunday Night Ice Cream.....The only good thing about children leaving home is the visits when they come back...though Mom and my older friends are telling me that grandkids are the best thing about kids growing up. I wouldn't know. ::snort::


I finally finished the portfolio late last night. That means that before I can work on "other things - normal things" I need to do school today, pay bills, work on some lingering projects for PWOC Central Region, take Nolan to speech, update the PWOC blog and do Bre's entry on THIS blog.


BUT this is LUNCH BREAK so I quickly caught up! LOL Now it's time to finish up one more Science activity and head for speech, take Jamin to work, Jared to basketball and sometime work on the above list. LOL

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Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Here's my Moms of Many Exercise Challenge update.

Tuesday - 65 min AMT - 740 calories
Wednesday - 65 min AMT - 742 calories
Thursday - 65 min AMT - 769 calories
Saturday - 40 min AMT - 460 calories

Weekly Totals - 235 minutes - 2711 calories

Weight: The scale at home has stayed the same for WEEKS or moved up. The scale at the gym weighs more (until the last couple of weeks was always 7 lbs heavier than home) but it's been going down consistently. I haven't a clue what I weigh.

Notes: I'm having a hard time getting 5 workouts in a week. If I don't make it on Friday a.m. (co-op) or any other a.m. I'm very unlikely to make it in the afternoon or evening.

For more exercise challenge entries click here.

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