Saturday, November 18, 2023

First Morning Thoughts

I wake up one more morning with my first thought being, "Josiah is not here." 

Followed by the thought that today is our monthly Family Gathering. It is probably not the first Gathering Josiah has missed but it's another first to navigate. The first Gathering he can't physically be with us.

There will be laughter and probably some tears. We will be gentle with each other and celebrate for the kids. There will be comfort in being with each other. We may discover the gender of baby S.

Family Gathered in 2008

Last night, at the end of Michael's birthday he commented, "He didn't call."  I suspect there will be that same sense of missing mixed with the gathering today. There will also be intentionality to connect, and you can be sure I will be present to say goodbye to each precious one as they say goodbye. 

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