Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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It was poor planning to schedule a doctor visit for every day of the week. I thought I had an optometry appointment today; but it was an annual gyn appointment. ::snort:: ::gasp:: At this appointment, I was given a referral for a mammogram and told I HAD to go get one. I told her I called less than two weeks ago and she said THEN that I didn’t need one. She realized, today, that I have a family history – I told her that two weeks ago, honest Mom, I did. She also told me that contrary to the new young doc’s opinion, I am not likely in menopause.

A friend, Debbie, works at the pharmacy on base, and so she and I went out for lunch. I had an hour between my appointment and her lunch break so I headed downtown and bought a couple of gifts that were to be had no where else. I also went to the “big” library.

After lunch I visited the base library. I went to see Debbie M at the Heath and Wellness Center (HAWC). I took back her 3 mile Leslie Sansone tape – I purchased the 4 fast miles. Debbie gave me a big exercise band to play with….looks like that stuff dentists put in your mouth…..

I ran to the Commissary.

I came home, made dinner, waited for Mike to show up……he had talked to one of our deployed spouses today and she needed him to go take a look at her water heater. What FUN for me. I got to go along and visit with Gwen and play with the babies (she has a 3 and 2 yo).

It is now 9:16 and I need to bring the day to a close….For the first time in 9 days I did not do a 45 minute workout….but I did NOT gain any weight over the Holiday weekend….I think I lost a pound.
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Some offerings from my cyber friends.....

Jen has a wonderful list of internet links for all things Advent. You'll find planners, devotionals, worksheets, coloring books.... And here she shares a darling Christmas craft that I can't wait to try.

I have been planning to post a list of all the Christmas books we've collected through the years. This would serve two purposes - 1. share and 2. be a LIST so I could remember what we have after we pack the books away. ::snort:: Dorothy has done a visual list of her favorite Christmas books.

Kathy has composed an impressive list of links as well. You'll find the link to our favorite Advent study, lists of "safe" toys, Christmas books, gift guides, and even a christmas carnival.

I'll write an entire entry about this next one, but I LOVE Beth's idea for making service at Christmas fun. Check out her 30 days of Joy.

I had to dig a bit for this one but Lisa decorated some darling paint cans last year - if you're looking for a unique gift visit her post.

I've debated about posting this. I'm positive that as SOON as I post, I'll find another list of links or site that must be shared...but for now....look at my talented friends. Aren't they grand? I'm sure you'll enjoy their blogs when you visit.
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I've been nominated for a HSBA in the "Live What You Believe" category. Thank you to the readers who thought of me. Thanks also to God for using my silly words in the lives of others.

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The voting will begin 3 Dec. In the meantime you can click here to check out the nominees in all the categories. There are some great blogs listed. I've found the winner and nominee list from past years to be a good place to begin surfing. ::snort::
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