Saturday, March 09, 2024

Tea Parties, Swim Lessons and Relaxing Nights

Michael headed out for lunch with Alex.  

Stacia spent the morning and early afternoon babysitting for Joelle.  

I got up and baked a sourdough loaf and brownie bites.  I also got Dad ready for the day, released the chickens and finished a workout. 

Allie came up and helped me sweep and make grilled cheese and egg salad tea sandwiches from our brioche and sourdough.  We also had apples, cheese and crackers...We plated everything up and had only to wait for Bre and the kids to drop by! 

Jojo, Allie, Trudy, Bre, Annie, Bella & Gideon

GG was at the head of the table but didn't make it in this picture. It was a fun visit with the kids. Bre and I manage a quick visit when the kids ran off to play games with Allie... We had planned games with the kids at the time. I need to figure out how to keep their interest while we clear the table...we lost them in the interim. 

Then, PAPA CAME HOME...and when Papa comes home all manner of excitement ensues. 

Classic - Michael and Annie

Noah had an exciting afternoon too. He had his FIRST swim lessons. Larissa got in the water with him for this week's lesson. He wasn't sold on the experience at first but warmed up to the idea. He seems to be holding on for dear life in this photo. 

Larissa is such a good mom! 

Noah seems happiest out of water at this point. 

Nolan and Alex are having the sibs over for a game night. The girls will be over there this evening.  I am stretching and folding sourdough which I neglected this afternoon. I'm prepping for tomorrow morning's loaf. 

I plan to settle in to read, visit with Mike and just RELAX after a dinner of leftovers. 

*Note - photos of Noah from Larissa! Thanks. 

1. 6 days of walking this week! 11.5 miles towards March's walking goal. 

2. Time with grands and Bre.