Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm drowning in paperwork!

We DID manage school today.

I finished details on the trailer purchase.

I filled out Josiah's FAFSA...only to discover NOW that some of the info is wrong but I'm trusting all of you who say they'll give me a chance to amend it before hauling one of us off to prison!

I had to redo our taxes....funny thing...Turbo Tax agrees with me that we don't get the child credit...but then THEY give it back as an "additional" child tax credit. I would think the government could streamline this whole thing. This is so silly. I really like the idea of a set percentage for taxes...I can't imagine how nice it would be if we didn't have all these silly forms, exemptions etc. Just pay the percentage on your gross income and be done with it.....anyway - $1,000 per child under 17 is a chunk of change in our home....though I still don't get WHY they say "you don't qualify", and then turn around and give it back to you AFTER you fill out ANOTHER worksheet. I also am not sure why they think a 17 year old costs less to raise than an infant......I can guarantee my 17 yo costs more to feed than my 7 year old. ::snort:: I suppose it's one of those mysteries of the universe.

I fielded phone calls from the RV dealer. Mike let me know that I got the trailer at 8K below blue book - not bad. I didn't even play hard ball...I DID shamelessly set out to charm them even though they called me "little lady". I simply told them that my dh was deployed, pining away dreaming of camping in TX, and I'd like to let him know I had his dream trailer purchased. Then I asked for the bottom line price because I wasn't interested in bargaining. The dealership has been calling all day offering to throw in more free things they think I need. Maybe we'll have to try this next time we need to buy a vehicle. They are quite surprised that I told them I'd bring a check in and didn't want to mess with their financing.

I also dealt with calls and such for produce co-op.

Bible study tonight.....had fun visiting afterward but had NO idea what time it was. The clock in our room was missing. I'll need to take my own clock next time. I obviously can't tell when I've done an hour's worth of talking. ::snort::