Saturday, July 14, 2018

Busy Sunday

After church we ran over to a friends and looked at all his dip-netting gear. We are so blessed. He is letting us take whatever we want to use on our trip.

 We grabbed lunch.

 The boots I bought for our waders yesterday didn't fit. We ran to Fred Myers and bought new boots and a few other things.

Jared and Larissa sent us a picture of themselves sitting in our living room. ::snort:: We headed home.

Mama Moose came walking through the yard with baby moose. I was happy Dad got to see them.

We visited awhile and then the guys went out to play a round of disc golf. Larissa, Stacia and I made breakfast burritos. Arielle came up and helped too.

When everyone went home, we got busy packing things into the RV and preparing for tomorrow's adventure.

You can hear and watch the fun by clicking the link below.

They Said I Look Like a Platypus

I began the day with canning. 

Grandpa and Alex went for a walk in the neighborhood. There is a home up the road for sale and dad likes to look at home specs. 

Michael spent the vast majority of the day with Alex and Nolan installing a new fridge in the RV. We have other things to do to it before our trip. We need to outfit it again (hoping we remember what to put in it LOL), fix a toilet seal and a step.....we leave on Monday. 

Some may remember from last year how I like to fish....a camera and a few books. LOL  This trip will be different. This will be our first time dip-netting. You have to live in Alaska a year before you can dip-net, and from all we hear THIS is how Alaskans fill their freezers with salmon. It appears I am going from documenting a trip, to being an active participant.  If one MUST spend hours standing in the cold river - one should at least get something stylish to wear.

I tried on these chest waders and Stacia told me I looked like a Platypus.  The feet were quite big. 

Ah, pull the drawstring and it should all get better - or not. 

 There was nothing to do but to head out to buy waders for three of us. Stacia and I got cute teal waders....the photo on the box shows a WAIST but there is no waist on these. They may have told me I now look like a colorful platypus.  We had bought a pair of boots for Stacia and they are too small for her to put over the booties of the wader......they are even too small for me.....
Tomorrow, we have to pack the RV, find boots for 3 of us that will fit over the booties, and I need to do some food prep...oh, and the packing. Always the packing. LOL  BTW - I'm not sure how to be sure the boots will fit, unless we wear the waders into the store to try on the boots. No one likes that idea....I don't like the idea of multiple trips to the store to exchange boots.