Monday, April 11, 2011


Japan has anti-hording laws. I stretched the limit today.  The chapel has been asked to provide 50 Transition Home Kits per week to families displaced by the Great Easter Japan Quake of 2011. You can see a sample of the list here (though we no longer have to provide the electrical).  This is one of our current mission outreaches. 

Many have brought completed kits to the chapel. Some have donated funds to purchase and deliver kits.  Today, Annette and I headed out as I had a lot of shopping to do.  At Homac we ended up with 7 cart loads and a big stack of plastic tubs. As we left each cart in the front and grabbed another one we received stranger and stranger looks. The manager was called. We kept shopping.  I was blessed to be able to call Simon, an American who has lived in Japan for decades. He talked to the manager/cashier and explained that all I was buying was going to Miyako City and that I had enough money in my bank to cover the charge. 

They called 3 cashiers and another man to help sort and load all of this. 

Annette wondered if it would all fit in the little We called the Chapel and Mike joined us with our big van. 

Michael headed off to unload the van at the chapel. We went to the next store. We bought as many more items as we could find. Near the end of this store, Tara and son joined us.  

We went to one more store and then Tara suggested she take the remainder of our list and head of alone. We dropped off more thing at the chapel. Annette went home to fix dinner. I headed home to collect kids and head back to base for Youth Group and Bible study. 

When I arrived home our farmer's wife had brought these gorgeous flowers over....what a great pick me up! 

Tomorrow, I  head out again. PWOC is doing a group shopping trip for those who like to shop in groups or may be intimidated to purchase off base.  

For this one week, we will meet our goal.

Choosing Joy!
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