Monday, February 08, 2016

Oops - We Blinked.....

and Nolan turned 17. I'm not sure how - but there you have it. Our 7th child is now 17. If we'd stopped having kids after two we'd be well into old geezerdom by now.  Nolan has been titled the "gentle giant," by several moms of pre-school boys. He IS so gentle and fun for them to play with.  He sets the tone for much of the day to day sibling action in the Caboose - and it's good. 

Here - he Skypes with Arielle before Japanese lessons. 

Our loop has only 4 sites in it - 3 of them are filled. 2 of them by men who work full we have lots of space to throw or kick a ball, throw a Frisbee or fly a kite....

I didn't bring spring form pans - and we really don't have room to store leftover ice cream in our freezer anyway.....but Michael came up with a great solution so he could make an ice cream cake for Nolan. This looked great! Tasted better. He made it in my bread pan and flipped it over. We still haven't had real candles in the trailer - this time because I forgot - not because of safety. Nolan was a good sport for the photo op anyway. LOL

Nolan opted for a game of Seattleopoly  - Alex won; I lost.  We could use a bigger table for games. 

Happy Birthday, Nolan. May your year be filled with growing in favor with God and men.