Saturday, December 08, 2007

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SHEW....I'll update more later - but quickly...since the last time I've written I've been PARTYING! Who BOY! I've spent the last 3 nights in dress, hose, and heels...and that is NOT my favorite attire. ::snort:: In the past three days, TWICE I've needed to be at TWO places at one time....all places I SHOULD have been. We've had produce co-op, ushered (and thus attended free) the local showing of The Nutcracker, watched Jared be promoted, had doctor appointments, gone Christmas shopping, made Christmas giveaways.... Tis the Season.

Today I attended 3 parties. I'm thrilled to say that not ONE Santa has done a table dance this season! Yes, I've had it easy the last two years. The last squadron Christmas party I went to three years ago, featured a Santa who did a table top dance at the head rather rowdy music....and he seemed to have trouble keeping his winter suit and such on ....and well I haven't been to another party like it - ever! C'mon - I grew up in a missionary's home...attended a Baptist Boarding School in Manila, this was totally out of my "box". Mike says it won't happen at this base - that you need an ops base for those sorts of things. Our first year here I had a very tiny newborn and was not expected to attend parties with Mike. Our second Christmas here Mike was deployed...and there was the silver lining in that hard season - it WAS much more relaxed! ::snort::

This year - I'm being the good sport. I've attended a wonderful chapel Women's tea today, a Masquerade ball with the Med Group, and a great Christmas Party with the Wing Staff....and not one rowdy Santa.....Life is good.
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