Sunday, April 22, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to chapel today.....

Just as we started to head out a wave of nausea and dizziness hit me. I ran for the bathroom. Zander chased after me. He was making such helpful observations as, "Man, you can run FAST, Mom!" and "I didn't know you could run!"

I made it to the bathroom. I proceeded to do what I had to do...with Zander at my elbow saying "are you going to throw up, Mom?" And...."I just do this (big swallowing gulp) when I feel sick and it goes back in - why don't you do that, Mom?"

I asked Mike and the children to please intercept in the future if I'm running towards a bathroom with Zander or Stacia on my heels.

Six weeks....eating every two signs of trouble....still having really high highs and moments of lows....

Saturday - A Whirl of Activity

Some days are a whirl of activity. We went 4 directions with 2 vehicles. Nothing more need be said....but most certainly something more will be said. ::snort::

I did go to Curves. The other owner got out her books and re talked the work-out with me. She's the middle ground between the first trainer (no change) and her mom (50% of max heart rate). I told her my heart rate is that fast when I'm simply sitting at the dinner table. Yes, we checked. She discovered that my heart rate should get no higher than 140 - which would be 75% of my max and so that is much more doable. She does want me to bring a thermometer to my workouts to check my temperature. ::snort::

I came home from Curves in time to give Mike and the younger ones hugs as they left for the day. I showered, dressed and drove Cy to work. I then went to Homeschool 101. Meanwhile, Mike took some kids to a birthday party, others to the park and bowling, all to lunch, and then to some big "Month of the Military Child" event on base. We all made it back home about 4:30.

Josiah, Mike, and I worked on his graduation slide show. Josiah decided he wants a photo of all the children with each new baby in his slide show. It's been pretty fun to watch the family grow. He is RIGHT that it's been a major focus of his life. We'll finish that up today.

Mike and I went out to eat. Then we drove to the lake and talked. Then we drove around the lake....

We got home and found this sight...

It was a fun but exhausting day. I woke up at 3 a.m. and can't get back to sleep. My last ditch effort at inducing sleep is to write a quick blog, then read more of the Trivium. That seems to work fairly well.