Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Stacia Entertains Visitors

I worked on school ordering again this morning. I ran a little test. I put in a purchase order request for an order at Sonlight. I put in an order I paid for with Sonlight.  I want to see how much more time it takes to use the purchase orders. 

While the guys worked on all things RV outside, we visited, prepared meals and baked cookies inside. I love Anakin's expression as he stirred the dough. He's such a fun boy to have around. 

The kids have enjoyed time on the trampoline, playing with the last dredges of Stacia's toys, and running in the yard. One is never 100% certain how their "baby" will do with younger ones; Stacia does great with young visitors. I need to buy a few toys to have on hand for little ones.