Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring at Beale

All of our recent rain IS bringing out wildflowers, green hills and various flowering bulbs. Spring is here! These photos span a couple of week's time..... Janey, one of our camp hosts, has worked tirelessly on landscaping - through the RAIN!  The soil is a challenge....everything is coming up dwarfed - but the rain is helping.

One of the first signs of spring - I miss Misawa

These tulips sit right on the group and are supposed to be 12 inches

Supposed to be 18 inches - but they are blooming

We were so busy during our time assigned to Beale that we never took photos of the rolling green hills and wildflowers in spring. The moment comes quickly before it all turns "golden."  I hope to get some photos this year.... These are a start. We ran out for a quick walk between the rain storms. 

Yuuki misses morning walks