Monday, July 12, 2021

Mondays are for Sib Gaming

 Monday is the day Arielle and the boys come over to hang out with Grandpa (respite care). The last 3 weeks we have had something going on....appointment, wedding, guests....I was determined to take advantage of the 3 hours of respite....but Michael had a chiropractor appointment scheduled. He needs these to help with the pain from degenerated discs.  We talked about it and I simply could NOT skip a four week. 

We told Arielle to come over anyway.  I went out on my own. I grabbed lunch and met Krista at Luke's where the movers were packing his things to move him to base.  It was a nice visit - could have been much longer, but the movers decided they needed to go back to base with 1/2 a load? Who knows? 

I went to the community gardens from lunch....and then I sat in a car and read. It was good. 

Back at home...the kids were enjoying down time as Grandpa decided to take a nap. Arielle had asked about taking Grandpa outside and I thought it was a good idea. I warned her he tends to want to go out and then decide to take a nap when it's time to do it. LOL  Yep, he opted for a nap. This left the kids to enjoy some sibling gaming time. 

We ended the night by watching an episode of "Home Before Dark"...What are some of your favorite shows to stream?