Saturday, January 07, 2017

Snowy Saturday

We had plans to take the van to be looked at by  a potential buyer, to attend a birthday party, to pick up our milk from Krista's....

At 0500 we began to hear freezing rain on the roof of the motor home. By 0900 we had lots of big, fat, fluffy snow flakes. 
View from my windshield

Everyone was sleeping late it and it was PERFECT for me to pull together some thoughts on Romans....and continue working ahead...Excited for our new Bible Babes online study to begin on Monday.

Eventually, all woke up. We enjoyed the down day. We are warm. We are snug. We have  full propane and water tanks and  a holding tank  that isn't full  - we didn't hook anything except electricity up as we didn't want anything to freeze.  We've seen several with frozen water and sewer hoses. EWWWWWwwwwww.....We will need a break in the cold in a day or two to get more water and drain the tanks. πŸ˜• Anyway - all enjoyed the down day....
Reading and Mine Craft
Got our TV hooked up and figured out cable - though the surround sound is a bust
 The result of Michael's morning work was being able to watch Houston Texans play someone and Seattle Seahawks play another someone.... And Stacia made cookies.... 

Finally, I had to face the fact, as beautiful as it is, I had to walk in it to get to the shower house....and it was a cold walk. A pretty walk....but cold.
Yes, I DO wear my PJ's to walk across camp to the shower house. Don't judge. 

See the building on the far side of the photo - my goal

Warm and snug

This is a beautiful park and we've not had any crazies  this time. The host remembers us and wanted to stand in the snow and chat a bit....if this keeps up we will be forced to buy some respectable winter gear.