Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 2 - Fun Day at Sea

Our beautiful morning balcony view was perfect for time in the Word. I got another chapter done, Shelly! 

We eventually headed out to hunt down some breakfast. NO ONE will starve on a Carnival Cruise. The food is good  - the view is AMAZING! 

We enjoyed a round of mini-golf and explored the ship a bit more. We're finding the quieter areas to eat, find others to talk with or simply to be alone. 
Michael won every golf game!
We spent quite a bit of time talking with a couple on their seventh cruise.  Their tip was not to book excursions, but to get off the ship and explore the port. They also take interior, corner rooms. No windows - much cheaper. HOWEVER, Michael says he thinks the balcony and being able to see the horizon is helping my motion sickness.

We returned to our room after lunch and found gifts from JaRissa! Thanks, Rissa!!!

We took our books and went deck side to find a lounge chair. It took a bit of patience but we scored a double chair. Michael began to feel he'd had enough sun and went to find shade. Eventually, I decided to go find him and he was nowhere to be found. I came back to the room - figured it was the safest way to meet up again.  When he couldn't find me he figured the only place I was sure about finding was the room. ::snort:: It turned out great as there were flying fish outside our room. We sat outside and watched them - until our steward brought MORE gifts for us from Larissa and Jared.

After dinner the steward brought us some gift cards from Carnival as Michael has a birthday during our cruise!

For fun this evening, Michael turned on the GPS. It said, "I don't where you are buddy, but you're going 21 mph." We also played a rip roaring game of Farkle, enjoyed our sparking juice and strawberries, and the big super moon.

I could get used to nightly turn down service. 

Tonight's towel buddy
We are talking about the strategies being shared with us for saving for future cruises.  I'm determined to bring a group next time and position them in rooms on either side of me so  I don't have to hear about - well things I'd rather not learn about - or deal with their cigarette wrappers and butts blowing over.

Psst - I won the game.