Sunday, February 10, 2013


We got back on the train for our trip back to Iwakuni in a somber mood. We planned to leave the next morning to drive to Osaka. I  really wanted to see the Kintai -kyo while in Iwakuni.....and we decided we'd chance it....we had just enough time to see it before the sun began to go down. 

Kintai-kyo - or brocade sash bridge - earns its name from the rippling effect created by the five linked arches. The original structure was built in 1673 and destroyed in a typhoon in 1953. They rebuilt a nearly exact replica - invisibly reinforced with steel. Kintai-kyo connects Iwakuni with Kikko Park.  Kikko Park is home to several Samurai houses as well as a rope line to Iwakuni Castle. Unfortunately,  we simply didn't have time to explore this area. 

The light up on the hill is Iwakuni Castle

This was a sight to see. I'm so glad we took the time to try to get there before the sun set. If we ever are back in that area, we'll spend a full day exploring Iwakuni. 

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